November 29, 2022

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  • This morning started off with Bentley whining becuase of the thunder. Robby let her out of her kennel and put her in bed with us. Now, we should have been getting up at this time, but who would get up with it thundering outside?
  • I went back to sleep and woke once to Robby beside me. However, I eventually realized that it wasn't him-it was still Bentley. I think that dog could have slept for 2 more hours had I not disturbed her when I got of bed.
  • I read to Campbell, Keaton and Whitman this morning. We are still woefully behind in history, but we are super ahead in science so maybe things will even about eventually. Or maybe they won't-I'm really fine either way. We have been reading about Ivan the Terrible, and even though this is interesting, it doesn't really impact my daily life that much.
  • After reading, they all got to work on the rest of their school. Whitman is doing stinking long division. He can do it, but he isn't fast. (65,896/358=) It isn't fun at all for sure.
  • When we did finish school, Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Campbell, Keaton and Whitman so they could help decorate their house. Whitman heard that the girls were going so he wanted to go. They had lunch and decorated fairly quickly. When I did come to pick them up, Keaton was trying out my hot rollers from 30 years ago.
  • While they were gone, I went out with Grannymom to do some of my Christmas and birthday shopping. I don't do a lot of clothes shopping, but I can spend a lot of money quickly for sure. I had fun though-even bought something for Bentley.
  • This afternoon, I read for a little bit before it was time to take the boys to basketball practice. This is just their second practice. While they were there, Campbell, Keaton and I did some speed shopping-that was really all there was time for.
  • Back at home we had time for some snacks, showers and a bit of tv before bed this evening.

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