November 2, 2022-November Disney Trip

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When we laid down last night, it was almost 2 (eastern), but then Robby had work to do so he stayed up for another hour. I did my best to keep my eyes open until he was finished. Then what seemed like seconds later, he was waking me up to tell me that he was awake and was going to start driving.

He kept telling me to stay in bed, but by then I was awake-and since it was 6, and he had just had 3 hours of sleep, I felt that he needed some company. So even though I set my alarm for 30 more minutes, I was soon crawling around trying to not wake Bentley and the kids up and moving to the front. 

I didn't have to worry about waking Bentley up because she saw me leave and crawled on top of Robby's pillows. And I sure didn't have to worry about waking up the kids. I think that everyone slept for the majority of the 5 hour drive today. 

We drove for about an hour before stopping for gas. It was still almost dark, but I did take Bentley potty. Then she crawled up in my lap, and we both snoozed for about an hour. Now, I hadn't exactly fallen down on my job of keeping Robby awake. I would jerk my head every once in a while, so I was keeping him entertained.

There were a few more gas stops-one at a Sams that definitely needs to redesign their gas area. We made it beore it got crazy, but by the time we were finished there were cars lined up everywhere. Before too long, we were pulling up to the campground for today (Tropical Palms RV Resort).

We have stayed at this campground before for a bit. It is a massive place. When we arrived, Reagan sat down to take her math test at a nearby picnic table. Graham and I moved it into the shade for her. Anderson helped unload the car off the dolly and then move the dolly. 

Robby and I were able to take a walk, but the first thing that we noticed once we were settled was that it is hot here. We figured that so it wasn't really that surprising, but it still take a bit to get used to the much warmer temperature.

Soon Reagan finished her test and after braiding her hair, we were on the road. Our first stop was the Disney outlet. We bought 2 things-one pair of Disney ears and a shirt for Bentley. Then it was over to Disney Springs to get our annual passes. 

We thought that things were going smoothly until the lady said that the passed had changed and it would be 200 dollars more. Robby caught that quickly and worked on correcting her, but I caught that it was 200 dollars per person-do the math: that's a lot of money. 

Thanfully, another worker came by before Robby had an absolute panic attack (actually, he never really had a chance to say anything.) The other worker fixed it without a problem. The name of our passes have been changed, but they were grandfathered in to the new equivalent pass so there would be no extra fee. 

Then the helper worker lady left, and we no longer felt that things were going smoothly. And we were right. We didn't know until a few hours later, but all of our park reservations were cancelled. Of course Robby saw all of this when we were in line for a ride tonight at Epcot. He was able to get it fixed without any problem at all tonight at guests services, but yikes-that could have been bad if we hadn't discovered that until our first day at the park.

We walked around Disney Springs for a bit-bought a popcorn bucket and ate our fill. Then we even bought a Dole Whip flight with three different flavors-pineapple, vanilla, and purple cheesecake. That was a fun little treat. 

From there, we went to the new McDonalds to eat. We had eaten at the old McDonalds, and then we watched them tear it down and start to rebuild it on other trips. So today, we ate there-it is a huge McDonalds, but they are no ChickFilA. My order (we ordered in two different orders) was incredibly slow. 

After this we drove to Epcot...and it started to sprinkle. This is not what we wanted, but we eventually got out of the car and braved the rain. Our first stop inside the park was the ball-I sure can't remember the name, but it is Whitman's favorite ride. We were stopped on it 3 different times tonight, and I thought for sure that we might get to walk off of it. 

Then we walked right on Soarin before making our way to a new ride for us-Ratatouille. This ride was really neat. I am glad that we were able to do it-it was kind of like Rise of the Resistance plus a bit like the Soarin ride feeling. 

Afterwards, the kids and I tried to go to the Frozen ride before the park closed. We didn't make it-we under estimated how much time it takes to walk around the world. This is the time that Robby went to guest relations and they fixed all of our park reservations. 

Even though we weren't able to ride Frozen tonight, we were able to see some of the fireworks show. That was something new for us-there show has changed. Once we did make it to the car, we didn't have far at all to go to arrive back at the campground.

The boys moved some drinks around, and then Reagan, Keaton and Anderson went off to take a shower in the bath house. And as soon as they got there, it started pouring. And it rained and rained and rained. They eventualy came back-all pretty wet, but at least they were a clean wet.

Now that they are all back, I am able to enjoy the rain while in the camper. Robby doesn't enjoy the rain though. The kids don't really care since I just told them that they could get a snack. 

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