November 1, 2022-November Disney Trip

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We have waited for this day for almost an entire year. We have talked about it, we have packed, the girls have made a countdown chair. I figured most of the kids kind of had a clue that we were leaving today. Last night as I went over what all would happen today, Anderson said, "wait, we are leaving tomorrow?" 

I will give him a pass since he did think that we were leaving on Thursday. However, this afternoon when I told Whitman to get in the camper, he asked with all sincerity, "where are we going?" I really don't think he knew that we were leaving today for Disney. Sometimes I looks at some kids and think that I am doing something right. And then other times, I look at other kids and just wonder. 

There was no walk for Bentley again this morning. Robby and I headed off to vote fairly early. We thought that we had read that the early voting places were open at 8, but once we drove up, we could tell that they were not open. So after some quick googling, we found out that the downtown poll was open so we went there. 

That is the place that we should have gone yesterday because there were about 20 poll workers there ready to help us. It tok no time at all, and we were soon back on the way home. I had woken the kids up before we left. Surprisingly, they were all awake and some were even doing school. Since we left early I acutally woke them up a whole hour earlier than I did yesterday.

By the time that we did make it home (we did stop at Sonic after all), Campbell had already given Bentley a bath and was helping Whitman with some of his school. Reagan's backpack was downstairs along with Anderson's so they had both been up. Keaton, who had done some school, was already back asleep. And I believe that Graham had done some school as well and was headed to the shower.

Reagan and the big boys went to their classes. We are missing three days of Comm Central. Graham's is just fine, and he has already caught up. Anderson and Reagan's computer class picked today to slam them with work. That plan is for us to work on that class' work tomorrow on the drive. Reagan's english class kind of did the same except she (and I) knocked all of that out tonight on our drive. Plus her college algebra class has a test this week that she still has to do along with hmework next week. Hopefully, she will find the time to do all of that (I'm not sure when she will though.)

While they were gone to school, Campbell made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and Keaton made her chocolate chip cookies for us to take. I had intended to make banana bread which Graham loves. However, after eating 3 and a half loaves this weekend, he wasn't finishing the last half very quickly and since I didn't have any milk (for buttermilk) in the house, I opted to skip that task for the day.

Reagan's class ended at 2:25, and she was home by 2:50 which meant that we were pulling out of the driveway at exactly 3:00. That was the goal so we were pleased with that time. I had supper in the oven ready to go when Reagan came home. And after I explained to Whitman where exactly we were going, everyone was a bit excited or maybe there were some that were dreading the drive. 

We did stop at the first rest stop to check on our tow dolly straps. They have had a tendency to loosen at the beginning of a trip, so Robby likes to tighten them after an hour or so. Then we zoomed on until Holly Springs, MS where we stopped for gas. 

While we were stopped, Robby got the oven ready for me. I stuck our bread in there to heat up. Once on the road (away from the gas station), we turned on the generator so I could use the microwave to heat up supper. It was still pretty warm, but a 30 second heating made it hot.

Chicken alfredo was the supper for this evening. Bringing something warm, like a casserole, is our new thing. It works great with little work while driving. This chicken alfredo was really pretty good plus the bread, just from Walmart, is delicious so everyone was pleased with the meal. Most folks even had seconds.

Our next stop after that was Bucee's outside of Birmingham. The last time we were at a Bucee's there honestly was a thousand people in there. Tonight, it was fairly empty. We all found a snack-icees, nuts, key lime pie, apple pie, and drinks were the choices that we all made tonight. 

Stopping took 32 minutes even though we were trying our best to hurry. We did put out the slide so folks could get their pjs. As Robby drove on, we made beds so people could rest while we drive the last 2 hours of the evening. 

Not much happened on our last leg of the trip. Well, Robby regretted drinking his large coke from Bucee's but her survived, and we made it to our over night destination right before 2 eastern time which was pretty much right on schedule.

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