November 10, 2022-November Disney Trip

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I expected to be woken up in the middle of the night with thunder or lightening, but nah, our hurricane here in Orlando was not that noisy. I didn't hear anything until my alarm started goikng on. Well, about an hour before it did go off, Reagan was moving Bentley closer to her.

Bentley slept in the bed with Keaton and Reagan. They were pretty thrilled that I let her sleep with them-I like the dog and all, but I'm ok with not having something laying on my legs during the night time.

When we woke up, we weren't really sure what was going to happen with the campground-they had projected that they would reopen. However, there was no official word. Now the hotel was nice, but being in your own camper (comparable to being in your own home) is much nicer. (At least to Robby and me-I am pretty sure that the kids do not agree with this at all. Even Whitman said that he liked the hotel better.)

Anderson, Graham and I drove out to the campground this morning to ask them what the word was. They weren't sure when opening would be, but they did say that we could park in the overflow lot. So after we drove back, we picked up the girls and headed to the campground overflow lot.

By the time that we were there, word was getting out (Facebook-so really nothing that you can believe) that we could return by 2. And let's talk about this-I love Disney and all, but they do kind of have a comminication problem. It seems that everyone on the Facebook were told different things causing much confusion. 

We were able to take a few minutes to unpack our bags and kind of get settled despite still being in the parking lot. Then we loaded up to meet the Hobbs at Epcot. The park opened at 1 so we assumed it would open at 12:30 for people on site, and it did. We were pretty worried at first because the security line and entrance line were all insane, but we did fine today and saw what we needed to see.

Our first stop this morning was Ratatouille. Then all the way back to Soarin along with Living with the Land. Then we stopped to have a little break. After our break, Robby and Anderson went back to the campground to move the camper to our spot. They were gone a good while-but they set up the camper, set up the tents and even put some lights back up. It is like home again.

While they were gone, we rode Nemo and saw Turtle Talk before making our way to the countries. Before we made it there, we rode the Figment ride followed by a stop to see Minnie and Pluto. Then it was on to Canada and the UK which is where Anderson and Robby met up with us. 

Then it was on to France where we all had ourselves some croissants and baggets. From there, we walked all the way around the world to get to the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Graham was able to grab the spot in line for us on his phone. He was pleased with himeself since he beat out Reagan, Anderson and Robby. (Reagan was the one who lucked out the other day and got our spots.)

I enjoyed that roller coaster better tonight because I was not trying to keep my eyes on the track. The car turns so last time I was watching the track-and turning my head which is what makes me dizzy. After that ride, we left the Hobbs and headed back to the other side of Epcot.

From there we rode the Skyliner to Hollywood Studios. We had ourselves supper from our bag (it was 9), and Reagan bought a sweatshirt before we rode Slinky Dog. The Slinky Dog roller coaster is one of my favorites-it is tame compared Guardians for sure. I like tame. 

Then it was a walk to the car and then to the camper. I am exhausted tonight-like so tired I don't know if I will take my shower. Once we were back at the camper there were still lots of things to do-lunches had to be made or at least started for tomorrow, beds had to be made, Bentley had to be walked, pajamas had to be changed into, a load of laundry was washed, Whitman had to take his medicine and teeth had to be brushed. And lots of people in a small space, just takes time to get all of these things done.

Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom and breakfast at Tusker House-another one of our favorite places to eat.

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