November 5, 2022-November Disney Trip

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I won't complain too much tonight about having to wake up 6 this morning since we have to do it again in just a few short hours. Actually, it wasn't too bad-I woke up to two of Bentley's paws wrapped around me. She was cuddling me or thinking about mauling me to death.

Robby went to the bathhouse this morning while I started stirring around the camper. My goal that early was to accomplish a few things that needed to be done plus start waking up the kids. Some of my people were fairly grumpy this morning during this early morning waking.

This morning did go much smoother than yesterday. The day before wasn't bad, but today I just knew a bit better what to expect-there are quite a few things involved with getting all of us fed and out the door while also getting Bentley fed and in the door.

Today we had to drive to our park-Hollywood Studios. Since we are staying on site, we are able to arrive at the parks 30 minutes early each day. This 30 minutes really does help out. Of course there are lines, but they are a bit shorter that early. 

Our first stop today was Rise of the Resistance. The wait time for it was nearly an hour but we shuffled our feet the entire time. Then we jumped on Smuggler's Run, and by this time that parks were getting full and wait times were going up.

We did manage to do Tower of Terror while some of the Hobbs' littles went to see Lightening McQueen. We then met back up and had lunch. After lunch, we stood to watch the Indiana Jones show-this wasn't ideal, but it did knock it out of the way. Then we rushed to the Frozen show-also not ideal, but it did help add a few more things to our "done" list.

After this, we did go back to the camper. Well, on the way we stop for some snacks. Robby is giving our kids a snack each day-the girls all didn't have their snacks yesterday so some of them cashed in on some extra today. I believe that the kids have eaten: ice cream, a funnel cake, pretzels, popcorn, and a Starbucks drink all today.

Back at the camper, Whitman was the only one who mentioned swimming. So after I did some straightening and cleaning, I took him. Reagan also went with me so she could find a spot to do some school work. Robby took Bentley on a long walk whild Anderson took Keaton and Campbell out scavnger hunting. Today they found a Disney cup, some candy, and 2 key chains. (There is a facebook group where people hide things at this campground to find. Some hours there are 15 things lists, and some things are Dollar Tree items while others are super nice. It is the most interesting thing to me.)

Since the Hobbs were eating out, we had our manicotti tonight. We all headed back to the park around 5:30. Somehow we ended up with a decent parking spot while they did not, but we were able to meet up at the front. 

Our first stop tonight was Star Tours. This ride used to make Robby a bit motion sick, but it doesn't really anymore-but our buddies might not trust us on rides much longer! I think it made them a bit woozy. We did watch the Muppets show before they had to go to supper so maybe their stomachs calmed down.

While they were eating supper, we headed to Tower of Terror. We thought the line was going to be short, but it was longer than we expected. Still not bad, but just longer. This time Campbell stayed back with Robby. She has never liked Tower of Terror-not even when she was little. I am not really sure why she went on it this morning. As soon as we buckled in, she started crying and didn't stop until we were off the ride. I think that she was much happier out sitting on a bench with Robby.

Then we went to Toy Story followed by a new ride for us-Mickey and Minnie's Runaway train. It was really cute, but most of my people still said that they enjoyed Rataouille better. It was a good last rie to end the day on.

Back at the camper, all of the girls went to the bathhouse while Robby and I walked Bentley. Then we worked on getting lunches ready for in the morning before crawling into bed. Now I did take a little nap at the pool when I was there with Whitman, but I am just a bit tired. However, the extra hour of sleep sure will help a lot tonight.

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