January 1, 2023-Happy New Years!

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  • Robby and I went to bed late last night, but late is common for us. Thankfully, church was later than usual so we were able to get almost 7 hours of sleep last night. That was enough for us, but that sure wasn't enough for the kids. 
  • They were a little bit difficult to wake up this morning. I am sure that school will be a joy tomorrow as well! Oh, we will survive, and it will be just fine.
  • We weren't late today, but others were in our spots so the kids ended up on a row by themselves with quite a few other friends. We could have set in front of them, but thought that sitting behind them was the best idea since we could poke people if needed.
  • At the end of the service, a sweet old couple came up to us and asked if we were new at Geyer. They were incredibly sweet as we told them who our parents were, and they figured out that we were not new at all. Maybe we just looked refreshed and rested sitting by ourselves and not with all of the kids.
  • After church, we hung around and visited for a little bit. Then we headed on to Grannymom's house to celebrate my birthday and eat hog jowl and black eyed peas to ring in the New Year. I guess we need all the good luck we can get since I did that laundry last night and plan to do some tonight as well. (We heard that if you do laundry on the first day of the year, you are washing out a family member.)
  • This afternoon was fairly quite. Robby hung a picture, and I laid school work out for everyone before we ended up on the couch snoozing away. Campbell, Anderson and Graham left around 3:30 for Rock Creek. They were there until 7.
  • We met up with them at the Wilson's house for supper. We stayed watching videos and dreaming about travel for a while. Then it was time to come home and begin the week (which kind of makes me super sad.)

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