January 18, 2023

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  • I seem to be crawing out of bed later and later each morning this week. When I went to the bathroom at 2 last night, all I could think about was getting to take a nap this afternoon. (I never did get that nap though.)
  • I did manage to wake everyone up and get started with school just about 10 minutes later than I should have. Now it did help that today people seemed to wake up easier. I had my laundry still to do during schoo, but I was able to knock it out pretty quickly. 
  • I have learned that during the school day, I am usually busy from 8:30-9:30 when I read with the little 3. Then I am busy from 11-12 when everyone has done what they can do and need my help all at the same time. So really from 9:30 until 11, I am pretty free. I try to convince people to work with me during these times or I stick near Whitman to motivate him.
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon while Anderson and I worked on the ACT. Then I walked on the treadmill some before we did take Whitman and Keaton to Defy. Right now our visits costs us 60 something each-don't worry, I play on getting that number to under 2 dollars a visit. Yes, I have a spreadsheet calculating my visits.
  • As soon as we made it home, it was time to turn around and leave for church. However, we had to wait on Reagan to get home from work. She insisted on brushing her hair and going to the bathroom before we left. I was all for that-we were all outside waiting on her-however, Campbell was not happy about this and tried to convince Reagan to wait until church. As you can see, Campbell is one of the ones trying to get us to church early so she can visit all the more. (I just want to leave in plenty of time to go to the library before we get to church.)
  • This was our first week back at church on Wednesday night since we missed last week. The kids all love Wednesday nights. Robby stayed home tonight because he was swamped with work, but the bonus with that was that he had spaghetti and meatballs ready for us when we did make it home tonight.
  • After eating, the boys migrated to the living room to watch the game. It is now halftime, and everyone has now left the living room except for Whitman, whose back is to the tv, and Robby and me. 
  • Now the decision for me is do I read or take a nap during the second half of the game. Maybe I will have time to do some of both.

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