January 7, 2023-Western Caribbean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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I think that Whitman again was the most excited for today. Now, when we talked to him he couldn't really remember much from the last cruise that we were on, but he was the first one downstairs asking what he needed to do. 

He also asked if we were going to make him sleep in the car. I didn't remember ever making him sleep in the car. We have driven all night a few times, but that was way before he was born. Finally, Graham was able to remember that they did sleep in the car as they traveled back home from the first boys' trip to Omaha. I tried to show him the map and explain where exactly we were going. He is sometimes just along for the ride and has no idea what is happening-maybe he will grow out of it (fingers crossed).

We should have gotten up earlier this morning, since Robby and I were running past each other all morning-waking up kids, chaning our sheets, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, washing clothes, taking showers, and taking Bentley out.

Now, when it was time to leave-I think that some of my girls shed tears over having to leave Bentley. Really, it was crazy. That poor dog was probably so nervous with all of them gathered around her, petting her and squealing at her. She was probably relieved that she was able to go in her kennel for a little bit and be quiet.

We pulled our right around 10 which was our goal. We made it about 30 minutes when Robby had to pull over to double check that he had his backpack. He did, and he pulled out his headphones for Whitman and turned on a podcast for those of us up front. 

It was about an hour later when Reagan asked if her suitcase made it to the car. We were pretty sure that it did, but Campbell and Keaton were pretty quick to turn around and find it. (We made it to the hotel tonight with all of our belongings.)

Lunch at at McDonalds at Lake Village. It was fine, and after we ate we pressed on down the road. We did have to stop two more times for bathroom stops. We then made it to our hotel, but stopped for gas first. And then before we went to the hotel, we picked up Popeyes for most of us and Taco Bell for the rest of us. 

We all ate in the girls' room while waiting on the Hogs game to come on. Right now, the boys are back in their room watching the game I presume. The game is also on in our room, but Reagan might be asleep and Campbell and Keaton are curling their eye lashes! I'm about to take a shower and then curl up under my blanket.

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