January 19, 2023

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  • I am pretty sure that this was the last day of school, or I at least I hope that it was the last day of school this week. Though I know that it is not-Anderson and Graham have some work left to do, plus I have to work with Anderson and do some science with Keaton, Whitman and Campbell. 
  • However, those few things shouldn't take too long tomorrow-though I know they will take longer than I expect, and I have quite a few non school related things on my list for tomorrow.
  • Now, Graham and Reagan had their classes today. Graham even had to make up a test so he stayed longer than usual. Reagan only has one class today as well so she was home early this afternoon.
  • Whitman's second CrunchLab (his engineering subscription box he received for Christmas) came today, so Anderson helped him with that for a good bit this afternoon. It was a coin spinner which was kind of neat. 
  • Just about as soon as they had finished that, I left for the pregnancy center. Campbell and Keaton had been going with me, but lately they have also been going to Defy in the afternoons so that is more exciting.
  • Everyone but Anderson and Reagan did go to Defy this afternoon with Robby. Anderson later said that he should have gone becuase he did get a little bit bored with them all gone. 
  • Now, the one thing I have noticed about going to Defy so often is that it makes Whitman a little bit more animated that usual. A little bit of animation is good for the kids, but gracious sometimes he just bounces off of the walls.
  • Currently, he has a fort built in the living room-in front of the tv. Robby just told him to go to his cage meaning his fort. The boy left the living room so now Robby and I are just listening to the tv since we can't see it.
  • Keaton made supper tonight-kind of. She had a recipe from her cookbook for pizza dough, and for some reason that dough did not rise. We tried everything that we could, but we had no real luck. She did manage to get one pizza made, and it was ok, but not great. She did make a dessert pizza which was good-the crust wasn't, but the rest of it was. 
  • I supplemented with some pizzas made on tortillas for everyone for supper. We all had our fill and even saved some for Reagan who was at her D-group. Her little group has just about finished their entire book-I'm very proud of all of them. The boys have been in two different groups where the leader has stopped meeting (adults), while Reagan's leader is a girl in med school. 
  • Right now it is fairly quite in the house, though just a few minutes ago most of us were playing a game that involves shouting. Poor Bentley was not a fan at all-I'm not sure if she was play barking at us or just mad at us. Either way, we did tone it down some just for the dog.

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