January 10, 2023-Western Carribean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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Our time changed last night-well, at least the ship's time changed, but not my phone. I felt that that woud happen so I set my alarm for an hour earlier than we wanted to get up. I checked all of the times and woke Keaton up to ask if she still wanted to go to trivia. She decided that she was fine with a bit more sleep, so we were all able to sleep for another hour.

We left the room aroun 10:15 for oragami. We were making a crane, and half way through Campbell and Keaton were confused. It took a bit to realize but they thought that we were making a construction crane and not a bird crane. 

We were all able to make one-even Anderson showed up in time to join us. Graham showed up a little bit later, but didn't make one himself. Our next stop was the buffet. 

I guess that I am a creature of a habit, because once again I had my eggs benedict and a chocolate croissant. After breakfast, we went with the big boys to their room to wake up Whitman.

We hung out in their room for a bit while he woke up-I think that I actually had a nap at that point. Then I joined him and Robby as they ate breakfast. Well, by this time, they were putting out lunch and most of the crew had their lunch with us as well.

We arrived in Costa Maya, Mexico a bit before 2. I am not too sure what time we did get off of the boat or how long we stayed off the boat. There were 3 other boats docked today, so things were pretty busy.

Plus, this seemed to be just a huge, walled in shopping area that is right off the dock. Now, it felt Mexicany-ish, but it wasn't exactly what I expected or maybe it was. 

Despite the crowds, we were still able to enjoy some shopping-Campbell bought a cute turtle keychain, Keaton bought a Mexican blanket, and Whitman chose a bright green flute made out of bamboo. Yep, a flute-don't worry that flute is in the boys' room.

We were even able to find a few cokes to drink while we were off the boat. It was fairly warm so there were a few interesting sites. One man, who we had seen before struggling to walk, was laying on the pier as we were walking back to the boat. His friend was standing over him shouting. "Don't drink kids. This is what happens when you drink." True, very true.

Back on the boat, the first activity was a snack. Then water slides for awhile followed by the ropes course. This was also our first time to let Whitman walk to the room by himself. He made it-it is just strange the difference in the kids. Keaton is walking all around this ship by herself while Whitman can barely find his way back to his room. At least he has memorized his phone number.

After the ropes course, we all started to get ready for dinner. We opted to eat tonight to beat the rush and so we would be finished with supper in time to go to karaoke. 

Dinner was good again tonight. Once again our food was quick to arrive-dinner used to seem to take at least 2 hours, but not so far this trip. It has been fairly fast (like an hour or so). 

I don't think that anyone had a favorite meal tongiht-Robby did enjoy whatever he had which had shrimp in it. I had a pasta with pesto which I really liked. Keaton and Reagan had shirmp alfredo. Graham had some type of beef while Anderson had a bbq plate. Whitman had a hamburger tonight-he has also varied what he has ordered nightly. (First night pizza, second night pizza and mac and cheese.)

However, for dessert there was lava cake again! This time 6 of us ordered that sicne it is probably the best dessert on the boat. Graham and Whitman opted for ice cream. 

When supper was over, Robby and I hung out in the atrium while the others went back to the room. I dropped Whitman off at the kids' club which he said was his favorite thing he has done today even over the ropes course and the water slides.

The rest of us went to karaoke-it moved a bit slow, but there were a few entertaining songs and people. I left to go and pick up Whitman and did miss someone getting engaged. 

It is almost 11 now and my girls are getting ready for bed. I have already had my hot chocolate, am about to finish the blog, and still have my shower to take before I cuddle up in the bed with my book.

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