December 31, 2022-New Year's Eve!

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  • We spent the morning relaxing for sure. It was a fairly quite morning, and I am beginning to wonder if the kids will be able to wake up for school on Monday morning. They are sure enjoying the night life and then sleeping through the morning-I am too for that matter.
  • I do believe that the only productive thing that was done in this house this morning was sorting Whitman's snap circuits into one container instead of the 5 boxes that have been stuffed under my bed. I have found that sometimes when I move things around, people stop playing with them, so hopefully me changing things up will not cause him to stop using them. I tried to put them where he can see them so maybe that will help.
  • Reagan left the house first and met up with friends to climb Pinnacle. Afterwards, they ate out before doing some shopping. Her outing lasted so long that she ended up meeting us at the Crafts this evening-I am not sure if she wanted our company or if she was looking for food because when I told her where we were going, she asked. "will there be food?"
  • I did leave the house today to run to the library and to pick up pictures. I didn't ask anyone if they wanted to go with me because I sure figured that they didn't; however, Campbell text wondering where I was. She is always up for a shopping trip-even if it is just at the library.
  • This evening, Anderson opted to stay home, but the rest of us went to the Craft's house to ring in the New Years. There were quite a few folks there and even more kids. We had bbq for our supper, and there was lots of other food for us to enjoy. 
  • The kids played outside most of the time. When Reagan left Graham went with her, and they asked Whitman if he wanted to leave to. He was adament that he did not want to leave, and I think that he had the best time playing all evening long-he had enough fun that he had to have a shower as soon as we came home.
  • As soon as it was 2023, we loaded up our stuff and headed to the house. It is after 1 now, laundry is going and dishes are as well (I heard that was super bad luck, so we shall see.) 

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