January 9, 2023-Western Caribbean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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I did sleep incredibly well last night, except when I did wake up the sun was shining right in my eyes. The girls had decided that they wanted to leave the tv on last night so they could watch the "bridge cam," but before Keaton went to sleep she asked for me to turn it off. I guess it was too bright for her. So I made sure that I had closed the curtain well so it wouldn't bother anyone, but I guess I did not do a good job.

Once I was awake, I did text Graham to tell him that we were going to the trivia game. Reagan slept in so she missed the trivia, but sleepy eyed Graham and Anderson showed up along with Robby. 

We actually did fairly well at trivia-we answered 9 out of 20 correctly. I think that was pretty good since some of the answers were absolutely impossible to answer correctly. 

After trivia, we went to eat breakfast at the buffet (Reagan ate breakfast much later and "read my book in the corner.") I did find my eggs Benedict today, and ti was as delicious as I had remembered. I think that it is my favorite cruise food though I sure would never try to make it at home.

After breakfast, everyone but Reagan went to the ropes course. I think that they were on it for a long while today. Anderson isn't a huge fan of heights, but I think that he enjoyed it. I sure wasn't going to get on that again.

Once the ropes were over, we realized one of the things that make us a bit crazy on a cruise-communication. Robby does have internet so he can work, but some of the rest of us just have a limited amount of minutes and are not connected all of the time. So anyway, communication is a bit difficult. I spend a lot of the day saying things like, "I will be right here" or "Meet me in 45 minutes in the room."

Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did some of the water slides today. While they slid, I sat in the very last open deck chair open on the deck. I was in the shade it, and it was perfect. I might could have taken a nap.

They finished just as Reagan showed up. She took my chair to continue her reading while I walked with the others to go and change their clothes. 

Now here is where the day starts to get foggy. There were trips to the buffet for ice cream and even chicken breasts. A chess game with huge pieces was played. We spent time in our rooms and time walking around all of the decks.

Whitman even went to the kids' club for a little bit. I think that he had fun; he at least told me that he did. After Whitman finished the kids' club, Campbell and he went to the ropes course again during the sunset.

It was a pretty perfect afternoon and early evening really. The kids went as they pleased and had lots of fun. I finished my book, but never really did get a nap. I almost did, but then the girls came in and were quite chatty!

This evening we all met up to watch some of a game show before we went to a new dining room this evening. Instead of going to the main dining room, we went to a smaller one, Taste. It had the same menu as the other dinin room, but is smaller.

They told us our wait was an hour, so Robby stayed nearby the dining room with the pager while the rest of us walked a half mile to go and play shuffleboard. It was on the other side of the boat! We had been there about 10 minutes when Robby text saying that our table was ready.

We hurried back upstairs or downstairs-which ever one it was. Tonight most folks ordered herb crusted rotisserie chicken, but the favorite meal of the evening was Reagan's chicken picata. Robby did have a steak madallion that he liked quite a bit as well. I loved my vegetable enchilada, but I don't think that the others would have liked it.

However, the desserts of the evening were a hit-lava cake and creme brulee. So far, we have certainly been impressed with the food on this trip for sure. 

After eating, we walked to the Not so Newlywed Game and caught the last few minutes of it. Afterwards, Anderson and Graham headed upstairs probably to eat some ice cream while Robby and Whitman went to their room. 

The girls and I went to our room, but Keaton and Campbell did leave once to get a snack. They did come back with hot chocolate for me. Right now Keaton is showering and I am next. I had to have a lesson from Reagan because I sure couldn't figure out how to get hot water last night!

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