January 20, 2023

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  • Even though this was Friday and not an official school day, I sure did stay busy. I worked on all of my normal chores including pulling out school for the next week. Now this is one of my most dreaded and most loved chores. 
  • I hate doing it because it just takes a little bit of time. This year, I have run out of some of my copies so I have to print things out which takes time and gets a bit crazy. Plus, it is just a lot of work. However, I love this task because I can see our progress in the school work. And it is my favorite when we finish a subject for the year. 
  • The second half of the school year is always lighter-people (mostly Campbell on down since the bigger kids have more that never really seems to end) start finishing spelling, handwriting and their reading pages. Of coruse, when they finish these things it just means that I increase the amount of other things that they are doing so they will finish them quicker or I add new things. 
  • At noon, I did leave wtih Graham for him to take his permit test. Unfortunately, he didn't pass. He did get to question 22 so he was close, however, his studying time probably should have been quite a bit more. No worries though, our next appointment is scheduled for the 30th to try again.
  • Then I loaded up with Whitman, Keaton and Campbell to pick up a few friends to take them to Defy to jump. Robby met us with the big boys, and everyone jumped for quite a long time. When we finished, Robby and I changed cars and I headed to pick up Sonic for all the people.
  • On my way to drop off the girls, Reagan called saying that something was wrong with her car. I stayed on the phone long enough to make sure that she was safe (she was still at work) and then told her to call her daddy. 
  • We hope that the something wrong with the car was just the starter. Robby was able to get it towed tonight and dropped off at our mechanic man. Now, I know that we have discussed this before, but that car is nearing 385,000 miles, and I have been praying that it will make it to 400,000. So hopefully the fix will be cheap.
  • After watching the tow truck man, Robby and I met the Wilsons at McClards and had ourselves a tamale spread. Then we walked around Kroger before going back home to eat our Blue Bell.
  • Right now, the kids are going strong upstairs-they are actually incredibly loud. It sounds like the girls are rearranging furniture and the boys must be chatting with the whole neighborhood on their game. Hopefully things will calm down in a few minutes.

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