January 3, 2023

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  • It took my a little bit longer to wake everyone up this morning. I think that we might need to go to bed a bit earlier-but really, that is not going to happen at all around here. My people are all like me-they are all night owls. 
  • Today was the first day of Comm Central. Reagan didn't have one of her classes, but she didn't know that. However, it all worked our perfectly because the teacher explained what she would learn next week while we are out.
  • The boys' classes were both the same as last semester, and so is Reagan's other two classes. Her new class is plane trigonometry which is another college credit. Hopefully, by the time that she graduates she will have one semester of credit already.
  • Back at the house, we did our normal school, and then some people started on their chores. Others conveniently "forgot," but I do believe that most chores are finished for the day by now. At least I hope that they are finished for the day, and really if they are not done by now, I don't really want to know about it.
  • Robby took everyone but Anderson and Reagan to the trampoline place the afternoon. Anderson opted to stay at home and veg out for a bit. Reagan and I went to get her hair cut. She sat in the chair for about 4 minutes while the lady cut her hair. I was a little bit stressed because it was such a quick time, but Reagan thought she did a good job.
  • Back at home, we finally had supper around 7. I had intended to have supper ready around 6:30, but the manicotti seemed to take forever to heat up. When I sliced the bread, everyone had me put it back in the oven becuase the cheese was not melted. After I took it out and the cheese was still not melted, Reagan told everyone that mozerella doesn't melt-at least our mozerella doesn't melt or it didn't tonight.
  • When supper was picked up, everyone but Campbell played a round of 20 Questions. Graham and I did win this time-It was a fairly close game, and Reagan would have won, but we protested when her card said "java" and we didn't know what that was (a place somewhere near Indonesia).
  • It is 8:30, so I am going to now read some of my book and then hopefully, finish my movie from the treadmill this afternoon.

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