January 27, 2023

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  • I moved through my list pretty quickly today-well, the things that I wanted to do. I never did get around to cleaning the house for 60 minutes. I did 20 of that 60, but that was as far as I got. 
  • I will say that those 20 minutes I spent sweeping the kitchen floor which is something that rarely happens anymore. We usually just vacuum the floor which does work well, but it must not work nearly as good as the broom since I swept up a ton of stuff.  I guess that I should probably sweep more.
  • I did decide that maybe I should spend 20 minutes a day just cleaning-nothing else, just cleaning. I straighten things constantly during the day, and I've assigned most of the cleaning tasks to the kids (now I'm no fool but only a few chores are done well and only by certain people)
  • For example, most people do the absolute minimum in their chores. One child today vacuumed the living room in 2.4 seconds. Seriously, he had just turned the vauum on when I heard him turn it off. Our living room is not huge, but it isn't that small. 
  • One child is gone quite a bit with work so she just tries to avoid her chores-I won't mention who exactly that is though. And another one is so forgetful and oblivious to everything that he also forgets his chores-just take a guess on who that is.
  • Anyway, back to our day. The kids mostly all slept until 11ish. That is when I did start waking the girls up so Campbell, Keaton and Whitman could do a little bit of school work.They just had to read with me for a little bit which wasn't too horrible-though the way that they complained you would have thought that it was.
  • I did a little bit of reading this afternoon before I walked on the treadmill. I was actually doing everything I could to avoid that, but my movie was decent so the time passed quickly. Then we all heaed to Defy (Cambpell did skip out on us, and Reagan was at work.)
  • The kids jumped for almost an hour and a half before we all left to pick up pizza. Once at home, everyone ate, and Cambpell, Graham and Anderson started packing.
  • Tonight is Life Group Weekend at Rock Creek so they headed there at 8 while the rest of us settled in on the couches. Last night I mentioned that I was going to take two naps before bed-and I think that I did. Tonight, I won't have time for 2 naps, but I do think I might take one before bedtime.

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