January 31, 2023

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  • We knew the weather would be icy today so I had already told the kids that we wouldn't start school until 9 this morning. I was planning on snoozing a little bit longer, but my silly phone rang a few minutes after 7.
  • I picked it up to see that it wasn't anyone I knew, but I also said that the caller id said "health care." I figured that it was Graham's orthodonist calling to cancel his appointment for tomorrow. I was awake for a few more minutes until I figured I better call them back.
  • Mercy if they didn't want to move Graham's tomorrow appointment to 8:30 this morning. That was fine, and soon I was apologizing to Graham as I woke him up. This has been Graham's week for sure though-driving permit and getting his braces off. 
  • Robby and Graham did the orthodontist, Sonic and even ran to Kroger for me. As I was gathering my items to make cinnamon rolls today, I had Anderson read the expiration date on my yeast that we just bought for Keaton's pizza dough which actually didn't really rise.
  • Unfortunately, the date on the yeast had already expired, but thankfully Robby was right at the store and bought me some more. Now, we will have to try out her pizza dough recipe again. 
  • We did our school work today. I don't think that the kids felt too sorry for themselves about having to do school while their friends were out-especially since everyone was finished by noon today. 
  • Fairly soon after I finished school, I started on the cinnamon rolls-yep, they took me about 5 hours to make. I'm not sure what exactly took so long, but I was super thankful that Keaton helped me roll them out and cut them. While she worked, I worked on cleaning the kitchen.
  • While the rolls were rising one time, I did play Catan with Keaton, Whitman and Anderson. That is oen of my favorite games, but I really never want to play it becuase it takes so long to play. Today it did take exactly one hour and fifteen minutes (I know since the rolls were rising). Anderson was the big winner, and I really think that I was dead last in the game.
  • When the rolls were finished, we all had a sample. And immediately afterwards, Robby and I started on supper. I made rice and for some reason it never really cooked, but the noodles that we had were pretty good with our chinese food tonight.
  • Once the kitchen was cleaned, I have now settled into my spot on the couch, and Anderson and I am watching the end of the Hogs game. I would like to have some hot chocolate on this cold wintery night, but I think that I am too full from our supper plus there are those delicious cinnamon rolls to eat.

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