January 29, 2023

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  • Reagan and Kennedy came home last night as we were praying and tucking everyone in upstairs. Reagan's first response to us was, "where's the car?" I knew all my people were safe in this house, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what car would be gone and how anyone would have stolen it. Robby knew what she was talking about and reminded her that we dropped it off to be worked on.
  • I'm not exactly sure how or what that means to my children-"working on the car", because when we piled into the van this morning, Campbell asked if we were going to pick up the car on the way to church. Pick up the car that we just dropped off yesterday afternoon? The car that needed a few days and a few dollars worth of work? No, not yet.
  • In her defense, dropping the car off on Sunday morning on our way to church had been in the original plan, but plans change fairly quickly around here. Hopefully the car will come home by the middle of this week. It is already causing some confusion about who is taking which car and when. 
  • We did the church thing, and then headed to Grannymom's house to eat lunch. She had taco salad which is one of my favorite meals for sure. When we did make it home, we all folded the day's laundry before everyone went their own ways for the afternoon.
  • Robby and I had ourselves a nap-I did read a tiny bit, but the last page I read probably took me 20 minutes to read becuase I kept having to reread what I had just read since I couldn't stay awake long enough to understand it.
  • The Rock Creekers left first tonight-Anderson, Graham and Campbell. Robby took them, and soon after Keaton and Reagan left. Reagan was going to the movies with some friends, and they had an extra ticket so Keaton was the lucky one there.
  • Tonight's supper was tatchos like at Disney-tater tots, chili, cheese, cheese dip and possibly fritos-well, we ate fritos with it, but I couldn't remember if that was on the official menu today or not. It was all very good, and we devoured pounds and pounds of tater tots.
  • After the Wilson's left, I did my winter weather dance and sent the kids to bed!

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