January 13, 2023-Western Caribbean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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Another fun and super full day. Keaton wanted to wake up for trivia this morning so I woke her up and asked if she did want to go. Of course, we had a time change last night (again) so waking up an hour early and then waking up early for trivia didn't agree with her so she opted to sleep in. 

It was just a few more minutes, it seemed, until when my alarm went off so we could make it to breakfast by 10:30. We found our seats, and soon the boys all showed up to eat as well. 

Of course, the next event on the schedule was open Wii play so that is where the kids went next. Robby and I even played a round of Mario Cart. I think it is so funny that they enjoy this so much-Whitman even said that was one of his favorite parts of the cruise so far-playing the Wii-that we have at home.

After this was over, we mosyied off of the boat to explore Cozymel. Now, let me explain-I am sure that there are lots of interesting and wonderful excursions to do and each and every port. Those interesting and wonderful excursions are a bit expensive for a family of 4 so they each excursion would be close to a grand for our little family to take.

So we opt for excursions of a different sort-excursions to the gift shop! Ha! No, we did splurge for our little adventure yesterday. Since we didn't do this through the boat, it was about 1/3 less but with 1/3 more stress so there is a tradeoff. Despite the excursions, we have enjoyed every minute of this trip.

The kids are already trying to get us to sign up for another cruise. The big boys for sure would prefer to be on the boat than anywhere else. They all love cruising so much.

Back to Cozymel, we walked around quite a bit of shops. Even found a Christmas present for someone before heading back to the boat. The boys, incluing Robby, did go to the boat before the girls and I did.

We stayed a little bit longer because we were looking for souvenirs. While we were buying our last few things, a wind storm came up. It was crazy-knocking things over in the store and causing a huge commotion.

On our walk back to the boat, the wind was crazy-key cards were flying out of people's hands, my bag flew up and off my back (it was over my shoulder so no worries), and water was harshly spraying on us. It was wild and memorable.

Once back on the boat, we headed to the buffet. We have a few spots to find each other since communication is lacking on the boat-rooms, atrium, buffet-a Dennie will be at one of those places at all times during the sailing.

After our lunch, most of us headed to the atrium. We stayed there for a game show and a circus show. Possibly even more, but I sure can't remember. Then Anderson, Graham, Whitman, Keaton, Robby and I went to the pub to grab our supper. I just had nachos since food-there is so much food. I don't even eat a ton, but my the food.

We then all met back up in the atrium for a game of Deal or No Deal. Robby did buy cards to play this game show. We actually won one scratch off ticket (I don't yet know what that is) and 50 dollars. There were only 2 people that won 50 dollars so we were pretty pleased. After winning 50 dollars, he was still down 10, but we all had a lot of fun.

The next stop was a comedy show. I was a bit stressed about this one becuase the only one that we could get reservations for was PG-13. However, it was completely fine and no cause of my alarm. It was quite entertaining, though I wasn't sitting near Whitman so I will be interested to hear his take on the comedian because he was really looking forward to seeing him.

After the comedian, Robby, Reagan, Graham, and I went to the musical Six. It was great-so good that Reagan and I want to take Campbell and Keaton there tomorrow night when they perform it again. And that brings me to right now.

It is 11:30 right now and people are scattered all over this boat. I have been trying to write the blog super quickly because Whitman is at the kids' club until midnight, and I sure don't want to rack up the dollar a minute extra charge. Keaton with eating a late night snack at the pub with Graham and Reagan. Anderson is the only sane one in his room, and Campbell has just left to go back to the teen club.

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