January 2, 2023

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  • I was the first one awake this morning and was able to do some of my morning chores before trying to wake up the kids. It did take me quite a few trips upstairs for me to get all of the kids down the strairs and started on their school work.
  • I really couldn't have asked for a better school day on this first day of the year. Oh, it wasn't with out a bit of drama and attitude, but we all survived, and everything was finished for the day.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham haven't started Comm Central yet, (they will tomorrow) so they had a bit easier day today. This helped Reagan catch up on some things that she has gotten a bit behind in. 
  • This afternoon I was able to walk on the treadmill before a quick trip to Nonna's house to pick up some suitcases. As soon as we came home, we all left again to go to Defy.
  • The kids jumped for over an hour today. The place was crowded, but I guess they found plenty to do since they were all sweaty messes when we went back to the car.
  • When we came home from Defy, Robby and I headed back out despite the rain. We filled up 2 cars with gas before running to Walmart to pick up some things. Then Robby dropped me off at Costco while he ran to Kroger. 
  • Now Robby must have had a few more things to pick up Kroger than I did. I just needed bread from Costco so I walked around a few extra aisles, which I sure enjoyed. However, after walking and walking around the empty store, I became afraid that people thought I might be shoplifting. I'm not really sure how you can shoplift at Costco-probably not many people attempt to put 78 rolls of toilet paper under their shirt or 5 dozen eggs down their pants. Thankfully, Robby did pick me up before anyone thought about frisking me.
  • Robby quickly heated up supper for us. We had leftover bbq from the other night. We all ate and discussed some of our new year's resolutions. After supper, Campbell finished making her brownies which will be our supper.
  • Most of us played Whitman's new game of Cover Your Assets before we started pulling out our evening dessert.

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