January 14, 2023-Western Caribbean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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The last day is always the saddest or maybe it can be considered the busiest. From sun up to sun down, we again stayed busy today. The boat was pretty rocky this morning, but my girls didn't sem to mind at all.

Campbell was the first one awake around 8. She went to breakfast, and then joined me when I went as well. Keaton and Reagan were soon upstairs eating with the rest of us. And by the time that we had finished, the boys had arrived.

After eating, we ventured to the atrium-pretty much there was a Dennie in the atrium wtching the shows that were happening there all the day long. Soon Graham was there saying that he didn't feel well. 

The boat was certainly rocking today. I am not sure why it was so bad today when coming here was smooth sailing. I finally convinced him to go to my room so I could give him some medicine for sea sickness-it is just a oil behind his ear.

I even encouraged him to take a nap in my room. I thought that would surely help him. It didn't and the evidence was left in my room. Thankfully, I was able to clean things up well.

I then sent him out of my room and to his room. He said he was already feeling better, and about 2 hours later, he bee bopped up to us while we were at the buffet with a slice of pizza in his hand. I tried to disuade him from eating, but he was hungry and wanted to eat so we let him-and he was fine. So I'm not sure if that was sea sickness or what.

Reagan has spent quite a bit of time reading on this trip. She has read 400 pages of her 800 page book. I have done a bit of reading as well and finished 3 different books.

Today was filled with shows in the atrium, bingo in the theater, and food in the buffet. Robby and I did go and eat at one of the dinring rooms tonight. When we were finished, we dropped off Keaton and Whitman at the kids' club. 

Whitman convinced Keaton to go with him for the last night. I assured her that it would be less than 2 hours so she was fine with that. I think that she had fun-don't tell her that though. Now, Campbell had a blast at the teen hang out place this weekend. Today they had a scavenger hunt around the ship.

Tonight at 10, Reagan and I convinced Keaton and Whitman to come to the musical Six with us tonight. We went last night and enjoyed it so much. Graham even came back with us again tonight. We tried to convince Campbell but she was having too much fun in the teen club.

I had already told Whitman all about the musical, but maybe I just focused on the history of it. Becuase when it started, 6 scantily clad women belting loud pop music dancing around the stage, he looked at me and asked, "are we in the right place?"

We were, and by the time that it was over Whitmam told me that his favorite thing on the cruise was the 1. buffet and 2 the musical Six. I would say that he enjoyed it. 

Afterwards, he went back to his room, while Reagan, Graham and Keaton went to eat. So when Campbell arrived in the room, she needed a buddy at the restaurant, so I put my shoes back on (at least it was just my shoes this time and not all of my clothes) and went to eat with her.

When we all got back to the room, the girls had already started packing up. That makes me so sad-this trip is over. The next one is in less than a month for Robby and me-so that makes me happy.

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