January 28, 2023

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  • Saturday, but that dog still wanted to get out of our room this morning and go and look out of the window. I did go and open the blinds for her to see out-I asked Robby the other day how much would be too much to buy automatic blinds for just that window. He suggested that we just leave it open at night so it will be ready for her in the morning.
  • We didn't hear much from the kids last night-there were just Reagan, Whitman and Keaton here. Now, since the big boys were gone that would have meant that Whitman would be in his room by himself. That didn't fly with him so he was making his pallet by Reagan's bed when we tucked them in last night.
  • This orning we didn't hear much from them at all. We did hear footsteps going to and from the bathroom a few times, but other than that they weren't making much noise at all. Robby and I did a few things around the house before we headed out for a few errands.
  • Our first stop was the gas station for the van and mini van. Then on to Kroger-I am not sure what we bought but we filled up the cart. And finally, we dropped off the mini van for it to get some work on it. 
  • Then it was back home where we put up the groceries and went to work on making our second batch of potato soup this week. Robby suggested that we not double it, but I said that we should since it will be cold and dreary this next week, and we will need comforting food for sure.
  • The girls, Robby and I all like it so I know that it will be gone. I did put all of my potatoes in there so it was actually larger than the pan we were using, so we had to move it to the crock pot, and it still barely fit. 
  • The Rock Creekers got home from their night at church. They all had a good time, and they all did get at least some amount of sleep which was good. Though I think that they were all still pretty tired today.
  • Robby then took Keaton and Whitman to Defy for a little bit. It was pretty crowded there, but they still enjoyed it. I tried to read while they were gone, but ended up falling asleep for a few minutes.
  • Then we all met back up at the boys' basketball game at Immanuel. They ended up losing by 8 points, but they stayed pretty close the whole game until the very end. Anderson scored 4 points-they were a bit bummed that they lost, but overall, everyone played well and that's just life.
  • When we all go home, we ate our soup. Well, Anderson and Graham had ChickFilA which Robby picked up on the way home, and Whitman had a grilled cheese sandwich. 
  • Anderson was watching soccer and practicing his German (new thing the boys are learning) on the couch when Robby and I came in the living room. Later Reagan and Kennedy were all dressed up and headed out to a homecoming dance.
  • That is where they are now while the other folks are starting to take showers, and I'm cuddled up under a blanket about to read a bit of my book.

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