January 8, 2023-Western Caribbean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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Yesterday, I had read all about our last cruise, and it seemed that each day that we were on the cruise last time, I woke up early. And gracious, we haven't even gotten on the cruise yet, and I was waking up early this morning.

I guess that 7:30 isn't that early for most folks, but since we didn't have to leave the hotel until 11 today, it was early. I played on my phone for a little bit and then got myself ready for the day.

I was even able to read a little bit this morning, but then I did have a panic attack when I realized that I had already read half of my book, and I only brought two. It should be fine because tonight I know that I am way too tired to do much reading.

Again, this hotel living is no longer for me. I really used to think that Robby and I could live in a hotel forever, but not so much anymore. The room was nice and everything was fine, but breakfast. Holiday Inn Express is known for their cinnamon rolls-but our hotel today didn't have any. Then the drink machine was out of order so you know what they had instead? Nothing, nothing to drink. I guess that maybe I am getting old and crumudgenly (sorry, I don't have spellcheck tonight since there is limited internet so if I spelled that wrong, you will just have to sound it out.)

At 11, we pulled out of the hotel in the pouring rain and headed downtown. It was a mess and took way longer than it should have to get to the port. The traffic there was absolutely crazy. 

We started off going to find the parking lot that Robby had paid for. We quickly found it, but there were no signs so he really wasn't sure if that was it or not. So then he decided to drop us off and come back to park.

This is when the roads were crazy, it was gridlock. We only almost had one wreck-now through all of this everyone remained in good spirits so all was well. Well, the traffic was so crazy, and we went to wrong way to drop us off so we ended up back at the parking lot.

We drove around the parking lot that was now filling up. There were only a few spots left and none in the main parking lot that we were just hoping was where Robby paid for. We circled and then found some poeple getting in their car. We pulled up close and turned on the blinker.

And waited and waited! Those boogers were just sitting in the car. I finally had to get my umbrella and ask if they were leaving. She was nice, but then she said, "I didn't know if y'all were waiting on my spot." Well, dumbo-what do you think our blinker was on for. I didn't say that, but I certainly thought it.

After that, they did leave within a few minutes so we grabbed their spot and were pretty relieved that we were at least where we thought we should park. (There are paking garages a plenty right here, however, the van is too tall for them so we had to plan ahead.)

We unloaded our bags and did our best to avoid the rain as we walked about 6 blocks to the terminal. We knew our suitcase tags that said our room number were getting soggy due to the rain, but there was nothing we could do. We then just lucked out and ran into the people loading the luggage. 

Then it was right into the terminal for the longest boarding line we have ever been in. It took us about an hour, but we were moving so it wasn't horrible. Again everyone was in a decent mood throughout all of this. Passport check, security, check in, and then finally onto the boat.

Our first stop was the boys' room.Our rooms are the same, but here is the run down. I think that this is the largest cruise ship room we have been in. A short hallway with a bathroom (double sinks, lots of rooms and really nice shower) and closet. Then a couch which turns into a bed with a bunk bed that comes from the ceiling. And finally two two beds next to the balcony.

The girls then found our room, but no luggage had arrived at either of our rooms yet. Pretty much the rest of the day was spent walking all around the boat exploring, eating at the buffet and hanging out in the rooms. We did all of those things multiple times over and over again.

Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did the ropes course first. Then Graham and I joined them. Let me tell you, I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all. The first 2 things were fine, and then I just wanted to get down. I didn't even do it all, but I felt find about doing this because Graham also didn't do the other half. He just wanted to get down and join Anderson on the basketball court.

More buffet eating, more exploring, more hanging out in the rooms-but some concern was beginning to grow about our luggage. Keaton's arrived and so did all of the boys but Robby's. 

We did leave 2 hours late, so we were hoping that this was the cause, but Robby went to guest services. They had said that all luggage would be delivered by a certain time, it was that time. I found Robby with his bag in a room full of luggage, so I looked for ours-not there.

The lady said that they had already taken it. So we went upstairs to my room-not there-and then to Robby's room-not there. By this time I am getting a bit concerned about having to wear my clothes all week long-this would not make my happy. 

So we went back downstairs, and they decided that it must be in the crew area on Robby's floor. They also had someone look for it-it was found and brought to Robby's room. So we transported it to our room. 

The problem was the tags that had our room numbers did indeed get wet and fall off (just paper). Now Friday night before we left Saturday morning, we went to Walmart with the main purpose of getting luggage tags for all of the bags. That was the best 10 dollars that we spent-our luggage tags is what did get all of the luggage to Robby's room.

Once the bags were in my room, the girsl and I changed for dinner in 10 minutes, and we were out the door. My room enjoys dressing up while the boys' room-not so much. 

We ate at the nice dining room, and maybe because it was almost 9 but we got in and out of there pretty quickly. Before on cruises, I remember having to wait a long while for our food, but this food was quick tonight. Hopefully, it will remain like that for the rest of the week.

After supper, there was most buffet going (just for drinks this time since it was closed), more exploring and more bouncing from room to room (ours and the boys). 

It is almost midnight, and my people are just settling down. I have had my cup of hot chocolate and am going to get in the shower next! I am crowwing my fingers hoping that we have smooth sailing tomorrow.

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