January 5, 2023

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  • Campbell and Robby left early this morning for an 8:00 dentist appointment. While they were getting ready to leave, I did all of my morning chores. So when they did leave, I covered back up in the bed and took myself a nap since it wasn't quite yet time to get the others up.
  • I was about to get up when Bentley came and snuggled up beside me so I hit snooze again on my alarm. It was just about 8:45 when I finally did get all of the kids up and downstairs to start working on their school work.
  • And that was about the time that Campbell arrived home. That was good since their appointment didn't last too long, but gracious it sure was quick. (Seriously, for what we have paid I wish that she was back there longer-like all day or maybe even all week.)
  • Campbell had one tooth that is small-like a baby tooth even though it wasn't a baby tooth. Now she has a complete set of beautiful teeth. I think that she was glad that they made it home before everyone started school. Campbell had already tried to get ahead on her school work last night, but she was also super relieved that her math today was easy.
  • Before school was over, I was leaving again with Campbell. This time our first task was to take Graham to school for his one class (Reagan's class was cancelled today). Then we headed to Dollar Tree, Walmart with Keaton.
  • Our main stop was the orthodontist so she could get fitted for her real retainer. She was super relieved that she didn't get it today, and she was glad that she just has to wear it at night time. 
  • Robby picked up Graham, and for some reason all of us seemed to be in the kitchen at the same time making ourselves all different lunches. Needless to say that it was a bit chaotic. 
  • The afternoon moved quickly by-I packed for Whitman. He even helped me-and people will think that he is on a Disney cruise since most of the shirts that he picked out are Disney themed. Just as we finished, Grannymom and Grandpa came over for little bit. 
  • When they left, I took Bentley on short walk while Robby took the little 3 to the trampoline park for a little bit. While they were gone, I did some speed cleaning-bathrooms, potties, some showers and even packed myself (and I completely filled my suitcase.)
  • At 6, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house to celebrate my birthday. We had burgers and fries. I think that the sweet potato fries were definitely a hit. And then my favorite was the cheese cake for dessert.
  • After opening my presesnts (a few gift cards, post it notes, note pads and dye for our cookie icing), we all played 20 Questions. We played like 2 whole games with Reagan winning the game twice, but Graham and Anderson, playing on one team, came back to pass her in the final few minutes. 
  • Now I am settled under the blanket on the couch and am going to try to finish my book or maybe watch a movie! However, I can do neither since I keep having to download games for Whitman. He is struggling to find a good (and free) coding game. He had one, but after 2 days he has finished all of the levels.

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