January 12, 2023-Western Caribbean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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Last night I had finished the blog and was settled into the bed for the evening when the girls came in from the show. And they were hungry. There is only one option for food that late at night-a sit down pub. 

Reagan didn't want to go with Campbell and Keaton so I took one from the team. That meant that I had to get out of bed and put on decent clothes. At first they said that there was a wait, but after just 5 minutes Campbell, Keaton and I were seated at a table.

We all just ordered appetizers-Keaton and I ordered pretzel bites while Campbell ordered chicken wings. It was all very good-we ate and even snuck out our extra pretzel rolls for Reagan.

We were back in the room by midnight so I guess that it was a win. They had fun for sure. After we ate, I stayed up probably way too late finishing my book. I brought two books thinking that I wouldn't even finish one, but I've now finished both.

This morning we all met up again at 10 in the buffet for breakfast. We ate before meeting up one more time in the atrium for the kids to play on the Wii again. They all had a blast doing this-maybe we should see of our Wii still works.

After this, we disembarked in Roatan, Honduras. From the boat, this looked like what I had expected it to look like. We walked through most of the shops before we came across all of the yelling taxi drivers.

This is a bit unnerving-Whitman was quick to grab my hand. Robby, though, went and started talking to a lady about a tour around the island. Before I knew it, he was running back to the room for more cash.

And soon we were climbing in to the back of a van with a driver-who didn't speak English. Yes, our tour guide spoke no English. And our interpreter, sitting in teh front seat, Robby, spoke no Spanish. It was comical-like the man would say somthing, Robby would smile and nod his head, the man would laugh and so would Robby. By the end of the tour, those of us in the back were making fun of them.

Our first stop this morning was the animal sanctuary. I wish I could describe this well, but words fail me. It was kind of like someone's backyard filled with animal cages. The taxi dropped us off and our driver joined the other drivers and found him some lunch. (He didn't finish it-remember this part.)

When we got to the front, they assigned us a guide and a photographer. Then we went from cage to cage seeing the animals. Let's see the first one was a sloth-I am still not sure if it was real or not. We all were able to pet it-I tried to see if it was breathing. The kids said they saw it move and blink it's eyes, but still I am not convinced.

Next up was the monkeys. I walked all around that cage trying to avoid that monkey from getting on me. Ugh, eventually it did jump on me with its nasty slimy paws. 

We were all able to hold a parrot as well and then a 3 week old baby deer. I sure have never held a baby deer. There were other animals-some I don't know and some others like guinea pigs and even a butterfly sanctuary. 

It was all an adventure to say that least. When we walked back to the van, the driver was there, and we headed on. From here, we stopped in front of his gate to his "casa." Now remember, he speaks no English and we speak no Spanish, but we eventually did figure out that he was taking his leftovers from lunch home.

Then it was to the gas station-where the security man had a gun and our driver fussed at the attendants until they filled his tank, but somehow he never paid. I did kind of tense up as we drove off thinking that the security man might use his gun as we sped off. And fun fact: they don't turn off their engines when pumping gas here.

From there, we drove and drove and drove until we stopped at a beach to take a picture. Here we were able to understand the man when he said if we see a police say we are friends. Oh, mercy-this is the part where Campbell started getting a bit nervous.

By the time that we driving along the beach (on the sand), she was about to lose it. That van must have been 4 wheel drive because our white van would have been stuck immediately. He had to even open his door to make sure that he could make it. We went through ditches and even had to drive through the water in places. Soon, we were back on the one lane road flying around the island.

The next stop was a chocolate tour followed by a run in a gift shop. Then we headed up a crazy hill. In this spot, we picked up his daughter and 4 of her friends. I guess they had just gotten off of work, but they continued back down the mountain with us towards the boat.

Let me tell you, I was happy to see that boat. Now I am always up for an adventure, but as Robby said one adventure per trip is definitely enough. We had to be back on the boat at 4:30, so I had designated the time of 3 to start getting concerned. We walked back on that boat at 2:50 so all was well.

We then congregated at the buffet for a late lunch followed by....well, I am not sure what we did next. Pretty much, if we were not at the buffet today, we are in the atrium. They constantly have trivia or some show happening. And if we were not in either of those places, we would be in our rooms.

Reagan, Anderson and Keaton joined Robby and me for dinner tonight in the dining room while Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went to the buffet. I left a bit early, missing dessert, so I could grab Whitman from them to drop him off at the kids' club. 

Graham and Campbell went to the teen club tonight to play dodgeball-that is actually where Campbell still is-at the teen club. While they were there the rest of us watched a show in the atrium.

When it was finished, we picked up Whitman and went to the buffet to get some juice-the ice cream was already put away. Then it was back to our rooms for the night until Campbell headed back out for the teen club. Reagan is working on Keaton's hair, and I am next for the shower.

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