January 22, 2023

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  • I had a recipe that I wanted to try last night for supper, but our plans changed so I made it this morning to take to Nonna's for Sunday lunch. It was just rice, but it did involve an onion and garlic.
  • I knew this might be a bit smelly, so I cook the onion before I had my shower, and I avoided putting on my sweater for church until it was time to leave since I kept returning to the pan to stir the rice.
  • I knew it was smelly (we don't cook a lot of onions around here), but when the kids kept coming down the stairs gagging and asking what in the world I was doing, I really knew it was bad. Anyway, the house still smells like onion and during church today, I could smell it in my hair. Hopefully, people just though I was an Italian chef and not reeking from body odor.
  • Sunday school was eventful for our little class. We had one child who didn't want to sit in his chair. Second graders here-so we are way too old for that behavior. We survived, and I'm not sure if he made it in his chair or not, but the time in class is short.
  • After Sunday school, we headed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had Mexican and all of the fixings along with my rice. I think that people liked it-Robby did have some left on his plate which I mentioned to him, and then he dutifully ate. So I'm not too sure if rice making is something I should pursue.
  • When we ame home, we had our naps. At one point, Anderson text me and Reagan did as well asking when they needed to leave. I didn't see this, so Graham came to ask. We told him. Then Reagan came to ask, and we told her. Then Campbell, who wasn't even leaving at the same time as them asked, so we told her. And finally, when I saw Anderson walking down the hall, I just told him when they needed to leave before he could ask. Robby wondered if they were trying to prank us our something. 
  • Campbell left with Brett for Rock Creek, and not too much after that Reagan, Anderson and Graham left for their life group. Since the suburban is gone, that left the minivan. Reagan didn't want to drive it so that left Anderson. This was his first time to drive "alone," and they made it there just fine!
  • Soon we headed to the Wilson's house for our Sunday nght supper. After we started eating the kids all began to eventually show up-some ate a second supper of chili and others didn't and focused on dessert. 
  • Reagan took a few folks home earlier, but then when Robby and I decided to go home, the big boys were playing one of their xbox games and weren't just ready to leave yet. We eventually made it home, and soon after it was bedtime for the crew. I am sure that there will be a little bit of ipad time before bed, but it is bedtime for the Robby and me.

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