January 26, 2023

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  • Since I have been discussing days of the week, Thursday is definitely my favorite. Robby was at his Dgroup early this morning. I woke up to let Bentley out of the bedroom, but then I couldn't figure out where he was.
  • I waited on him to come back from the bathroom, where I figured that he was for the longest time. Eventually I realized where he actually was, and then I decided to just stay in bed until he came home-it wasn't that hard since he had already opened the garage door when I decided this.
  • Now I did have to hurry to get my dishes, laundry and dog brushed before it was time to start on school work with the kids. Some folks had quite a bit of work to do today, and others didn't have as much-there are always some Dennie kids who leave more for the end of the week.
  • Reagan had school this afternoon for a little bit. When she finished, she met Robby, Keaton and Campbell and I at the gas station. Then the girls and I climbed in with Reagan and we headed shopping.
  • Our first stop was Goodwill-I'm good there about 15 minutes, and then I am ready to leave. Campbell and Keaton could stay for an hour and 15 minutes. Reagan shops at about my speed and was ready to go pretty soon after I was. 
  • They all ended up gettng something. Then we went to Plato's Closet which I enjoyed more. I even tried on one thing, but it was too short. Things are so much more organized and well, nice there. 
  • By the time that we made it home, I was a bit tired! I did take Bentley on a walk because last night she was a bit of a toot around the house. She destroyed one sock and tried to eat another, and she also possibly pooped in the house-if it was indeed her.
  • I think that my walk did actually work because right now, she is laying on the couch sound asleep. For supper some of us had pancakes while Anderson and Graham found themselves a Grubhub coupon and bought supper. They both ended up with huge boxes of chinese food so they were suped pleased with their supper.
  • Currently, Reagan is making her supper-a bagel and egg. While Robby and I are watching tv-it is still early in the evening so maybe I have time for a nap...or two!

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