January 6, 2023-Happy 45th Birthday to Tara!

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  • I slept as long as I could this morning since it was my birthday. Then I started on the morning chores. Robby said that he would take me to the library at 11 so I tried to accomplish what I could before then.
  • Then around 11, he was still working so I found more things to do. He was then ready, but I was not. We did this for a whole hour until we finally did leave for the library around noon.
  • I picked up some books, none for me this time, before we stopped at Walmart for a few things. Next stop was Panda Express for our lunch which we brought home to eat. And our last stop was Crumble for a birthday cornbread cookie.
  • While we were gone, Keaton and Whitman were feverishly working on a cookie for tonigth's dessert. There was some type of confusion with the recipe so she had to make it twice. It was delicious though.
  • Speaking of Whitman: since his cold last week, he has not really been able to hear well. We have joked about it, but it really has been kind of bad. Yesterday at Defy, a boy was talking to Whitman, and he couldn't hear him. So Whitman said, "I can't hear you, I have a hearing loss." The sweet boy replied with, "how'd it happen?" This threw Whitman and he didn't know what to say, so his panicked answer was, "I was born with it." 
  • We did have Whitman hold his nose and close his mouth today. That seemed to have popped one ear at least because he then accused of us yelling (we were not). 
  • This afternoon I had a nap instead of working-now I had worked all day long: packed Anderson and Graham (seriously, such a difference between boys and girls-the girls have detailed spreadsheets about they are packing.) plus I pulled out school for the next week.
  • We eventually did get moving tonight around 7 and headed out to eat. We ate at Fazolis and it was decent, but the breadsticks were wonderful. Afterwards, there was a trip to Walmart for candy for the kids and luggage tags.
  • When we came home, I opened presents-candy from Whitman, Keaton and Campbell, a gift card from Anderson, a tour at Disney world and some Tums (I like the orange kind!). Then the Wilsons came over to eat some of my birthday cookie with us.
  • Right now, it is almost midnight, and all of the bags are packed with laundry in the wash, dryer and ready to fold.

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