January 11, 2023-Western Caribbean Cruise and Countries 4, 5 and 6 for the Kids

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Once again it was another great cruise day. And once again we have stayed busy, and I am a little bit tired tonight. Right now, it is 10 and the girls are all out watching the same show that Robby and I watched earlier tonight. I doubt that they will make it through the whole show, but it is quite in my room-almost too quiet.

This morning I once again had my alarm set for two different times since I wasn't sure that my phone would change times correctly. It did not, but today I was able to get an extra hour of sleep after the first alarm went off so that was a good thing.

Actually, I guess that extra hour of sleep caught up with Campbell and Keaton becuase they were up, dressed and back from breakfast before Reagan and I even climbed out of bed.

We weren't in a huge hurry this morning, so we all met up at breakfast a little bit before 10. We ate our favorites, and then we decided to meet at the atrium at 11 to leave.

We all made it by 11, and just as we stood up to leave they started a Wii tournament on the giant screen-so we stayed a little bit longer for the kids to play a little bit.

Then it was off the boat in Harvest Caye, Belize. This is Norwegian's private island. I, personally, have not been to a lot of private islands so I do not have much to compare it to. We have been to Holland America's private island-it was packed with 3 or 4 boats there, but they did feed you out there. 

This island (I guess it was an island, I don't really know) was just our boat and was very nice. It was a bit Disney World-ish. Nice landscaping, themed buildings, lots of workers. The downsides were the not beautiful blue water and lack of waves. That didn't stop my water lovers, Campbell and Whitman, from playing in the water and sand.

Reagan enjoys laying out so she was content as well. Anderson and Graham snagged some ice cream and had a few ping pong tournaments. We also spent some time at the pool and splash pad whcih Keaton enjoyed almost as much as Whitman and Campbell once she finally did get wet.

We were probably on the island for about 2 hours which was plenty for us Dennies. Tomorrow, might be another beach day, but we really aren't too sure what the stop holds since we have done no research at all for this trip.

Back on the boat, some headed for the showers, but most changed and met up in the buffet for lunch since it was 3ish. Afterwards, the ropes course was open so they did that while I sat and read. It was sunny some today-enough for some kids to get a bit pink, but by the end of the day it was raining. While I was sitting reading, it was overcase and cool with the wind blowing (I was covered up with a beach towel).

Before we knew it, we had forgotten about the how to make balloon animals at 5. Thankfully, Reagan said something while looking at the schedule for the day. Keaton went to get seats and Campbell went to pick up Whitman. Soon we all met down there.

I was a little bit late since I was doing laundry. Not really though. The way Robby got these rooms, he also received a free load of laundry. Any undergarment is usually 2.95 to wash, and I just sent off 14 to be laundered. So I showed up a bit late to the balloon animal show since I was having to fill out the itemization sheet for our laundry before I sent it in. 

After this show, Robby and I went to eat in the dining room while the kids went to the buffet. We wanted to go to the dining room tonight since they had chicken cordon bleu. We have fond memeories of that from countless Together We Build banquets growing up. Well, I will say that it wasn't as good as we remember. Ha! I am sure that our taste buds aren't developed enough to enjoy the real thing as well as we liked the processed chicken cordon bleu.

I know I will write more about the food later, but overall, the food has been excellent. The appetizers in the dining rooms I have loved. Every meal I order 2 or have some one order an extra just for me to try. They have had brushetta every night and I could just make a meal off that.

After we ate, we found Whitman and dropped him off at the kids' club. He loves it and wants to go each night which is so strange to us. As we were waiting in line to drop him off, he was standing there dancing while Robby and I were looking at him trying to figure out if he was really our child. 

Robby and I then went to watch a singer in the theater. She did Whitney Houston songs so we knew most of them. Then I picked up Whitman, found the boys and got ice cream before we found the girls in the Atrium watching Deal or No Deal.

We watched that show, and then the girls went off watch their show while the boys and I went to get a drink before bed. So I have now had my hot chocolate and am going to try to upload my pictures after I post the blog.

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