September 28, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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This was sunrise morning for me! Keaton had gone earlier in the week to see the sunrise when she spend the night with Rylee, but Campbell wanted to go as well. So this morning, Campbell, Keaton, Sophia, and I all went to see the sunrise.

It was a beautiful sunrise, but we didn't see the sun or see it rise. The sky was so incredibly cloudy, but it was still a fun little outing. When I came back to the camper after seeing the sun not rise, I went back to sleep for a little bit. Campbell did as well.

Keaton and Sophia watched some tv and then played a game for a bit. This morning before going to the beach, we went to Goodwill. In July we stopped at this Goodwill and were pretty impressed. Today only Keaton found a shirt, but our next stop was Simply Southern where all the girls found a shirt.

Then it was to the beach for us. Whitman was so excited to go out with the boogie board, so we were all disappointed to see the purple flags. There was no one in the water anywhere despite there being so many people on the beach. 

The flags definitely should have been purple today because jellyfish were everywhere. The kids spent most of the time on the beach looking at and catching jellyfish. Some of these jellyfish they would even pick up-so I am not really sure anymore if jellyfish sting or if just these don't sting. 

Now, Whitman had no interest in catching jellyfish. That boy knows enough to stay far away from those sea creatures. When we went back for lunch, Whitman opted to just take his shower and call his beach time done.

The rest of us had a fairly decent afternoon break-long enough for Keaton to start getting bored. All of her friends were eating out or shopping. Robby and I eventually went to the beach and joined Campbell who was just sitting watching the waves. 

We were there for about 2 more hours before we headed back to the camper. Before leaving the crew on the beach, we said our goodbyes to everyone. The girls then took their showers, and by 7:20 we had the car loaded and pulled out.

The original plan was to head home tomorrow early in the morning, but after the Fergusons left the night before just to get a few hours of driving behind them, Robby decided that would be a good idea. In about 2 hours, we stopped at Buccees-we all had sandwiches from there except for Whitman who had already eaten a poptart. He didn't even want a drink!-I think that he is super tired!

We drove have 1 more hour to drive tonight and have already driven 4 hours so that will definitely help tomorrow Keaton is already asleep, and I think that Campbell is almost asleep as well.

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