September 25, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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Keaton had spent the night with Rylee, so Whitman took her spot on the couch. He told me that he did fall off of the couch, but I never heard a thump so I slept wonderfully well last night. We ended up heading down to the beach around 10 this morning.

Campbell was the first one of all of us to venture down there. Then we all went down. The water was perfect again today-there were a few more waves, but not anything scary. Whitman played a lot in the water, but not nearly as much as Keaton and Campbell.

We did have a little bit of excitement. When we arrived, the others showed us some people way off in the water. They had floated off on a big mat and were so far away that I could barely see them-like they were just a spec. 

A bit later a sightseeing helicopter made a circle in front of us almost like they saw the people way out there. Then about 5 minutes later along come with lifeguards. One jumped out on a surfboard and began making his way out to the people. And seriously, it would have taken me all day to get out there, but that guy was flying through the water.

Eventually, the guy brought the people closer to the shore. It was a man and a woman, but they were so, so far out there. Maybe it was a good lesson for the kids though, and it did provide some excitement. 

We were out on the beach until almost one when the Crafts showed up. They came to the beach as we were heading back for lunch. Of course my girls stayed at the water only coming back to the camper to eat lunch for a bit before heading back. They have been outside the whole time today, and Keaton may be a bit sunburned, but we are sun screening like maniacs. 

Robby and I headed back down to the beach around 3. Whitman opted to stay back at the camper-I think that he was pretty worn out and needed himself some quiet time. The weather had been pleasant all day long today, but it was super nice a bit after 3. The sun soon began to set, and we all took a few pictures before heading in for the evening.

Tonight was the group meal, and since we had a concrete pad behind our camper the party was at our place. Robby and I strung lights, set up tables, and blew away the sand. We got that place ready for a party. And really a party it was: Last count there were about 36 folks there, but when you look at a few of the pictures that I snapped it looks like it was mostly children! 

We had the usual group meal of taco salad-we had all of the fixings: guacamole, beans, rice, you name it and we had it. It was a great meal, plus everyone stayed a visited for a good while. Quite a few of the people took the kids to hunt for crabs on the beach. 

Whitman was so happy that his bucket was so full of crabs tonight. Campbell and Keaton helped, and they were able to find a ton of crabs. Soon the kids were back, and Robby and I went to town tearing down our party. 

Keaton helped us put everything away, plus tomorrow there is probably going to be some rain so we really did have to put everything away. It is 11:30 now, and Robby just went to put our laundry in the dryer.

My kiddos at home: Well, I haven't really heard much from them today. There were two school questions that I had to answer. Reagan and Graham went to work and then to Raymar for make up pictures. Anderson also went to Raymar tonight for football games so they all stayed busy today!

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