September 3, 2023

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  • On the way home last night, I mentioned to Robby about how Bentley is so good at traveling. Then last night, we were exhausted and slept soundly until Bentley started waking us up around 5. She was not settled and wanted to leave our room. Every time she would leave though she would end up barking at a window.
  • We brought her back into our room, and each time she would just want to leave-over and over again. Eventually, I decided that I should take her to the bathroom, and she quickly peed and came back in. After all of this continued, and her pacing in the room was almost frantic, I took her out again.
  • This time she really did some business, but her tummy was not settled at all. After this though she did go to sleep for the next 30 or so minutes until it was time for us to wake up.
  • The big boys were the first ones awake this morning, so I had to wake up the girls and Whitman. I think that it even took Robby to wake Whitman up as well. Once I did get ready, I took Bentley outside, and I could definitely tell that her tummy was not okay.
  • I knew when we left her, that I would probably have to clean up a mess when we returned home from church, and yep, I sure did. Bless her. At least she did most of her business in the kitchen, but Robby sure was not coming into the house until I had things cleaned. When I finished, Graham said, "you should probably wash your hands." You think?
  • The poor dog acted miserable all day, but so far she hasn't had to do any more business today. Campbell said that she ate her food tonight, and she is playing right now so maybe she does feel better.
  • It was good to be back in church-I know that the kids really miss church more than anything else when we travel. After church, the girls all had a pool party to go to with the all of the other girls from church. They enjoyed that, and while they swam the boys and we ate pizza for our lunch. 
  • I also did a little bit of school with Graham and Anderson-trying to catch them up on some math from their science class, but as we were about to stop, we realized we were doing it wrong. That was fine though since there will be time later this week to do it. 
  • After this I saw Robby on the couch. He looked up at me, and I quickly told him to "shhh." I didn't want him to suggest that we go and clean the camper or anything else-I wanted my nap! I had a quick nap until the girls came home from their party.
  • They were here long enough for Keaton to help me sort through some candy. Whitman helped me to do quite a bit as well-but not by his choice. Everyone has about 3 gallon size ziplock backs of candy, plus I have taken a pretty hefty candy tax to save for Halloween.
  • Soon all of the kids except for Whitman were leaving again to go to Rock Creek for church tonight. While they were gone, I tried to mark a few more things off of my to do list, but gracious, I am just not that motivated. 
  • Everyone then met back up at the Wilson's house for supper. After we ate, the kids worked on the new pickleball set and played for a good while before they all headed home. 
  • It is around 10:30 so I guess this crew should start heading towards their beds!...or at least I should.

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