September 18, 2023

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  • For this being a Monday, it still went pretty smoothly, and I do believe that most things were accomplished off of today's lists. Graham was leaving the house to go on a run before I left the bed this morning. However, before I had finished getting ready and brushing my teeth, he was back inside. When I was taking the clothes out of the dryer I could hear him running on the treadmill. Later I asked him, and he said that the two dogs were out. (They are the dogs that often poo in our yard early in the morning.)
  • I began working with Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman, but today I had to stop at least twice to make sure Keaton and Whitman were awake. They were laying in my bed, and I think Whitman for sure caught a few zzzzz's while I read.
  • After reading, it was time for everyone to start on their individual work. I did make Whitman sit in front of me and do his math because if he saves it for last, then it takes forever. He prefers to read first, but math must come first.
  • Reagan and Anderson had some history homework to finish up, but neither of those took much time. There college classes are going fine so far-Anderson does have another math test Wednesday plus they both have a history test Thursday. 
  • They are both studying for the history test-I've been trying to encourage Anderson to watch the professor's videos because he does better hearing information while really Reagan does better reading things. 
  • Graham and Reagan left for work a bit before 1. Then they were gone until almost 8 tonight. Today was picture night at Raymar which means it is also big pay check week so that is always good. On the way home, they stopped to pick up a few burgers for their suppers.
  • The afternoon was spent a Defy. I could only convince Keaton and Whitman to go-Anderson was still working on school, and Campbell was taking a nap.
  • After Defy, Keaton and I were only home for a little bit before we left with Robby to get gas in two different cars. Then Keaton and I ran a few errands and made it home before Robby. 
  • Today was National Cheeseburger Day so Robby ran to a few places to pick up supper-Wayback, McDonalds, Freddys, and Wendys. I think that is everywhere he went; he went so many places because he was picking up all of the deals.
  • We have watched some tv tonight, and a few people are taking showers. I am sure that in exactly 27 minutes Whitman will be asking for ice cream. He is a man on a schedule-at noon he asks about lunch, at 2 he asks about afternoon snack, and at 9 on the dot he asks about ice cream.

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