September 20, 2023

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  • It was super difficult to keep Whitman awake during our reading this morning. I think that we might should not be starting a tv show at 10 at night like we are right now. I guess I am going to struggle keeping him awake tomorrow morning as well.
  • By the time that I had finished reading today, Whitman was finally waking up a bit. I guess I should have made him eat breakfast while I was reading.
  • Even though everyone was here this morning, the day was fairly quiet. Whitman was able to finish his school work by 11:45 which was very good for him and for me. Reagan and Graham went to work early today so she could get to church early for her dgroup. 
  • As I was talking to Whitman today, we were talking about being distracted. Campbell was in the room with us, and said that she was often distracted while doing her chores. Anderson piped in from the other room saying that he was also distracted often.
  • And there really isn't nothing more accurate than that. He is a bit like Whitman in that regard-often distracted, but also doesn't mind that things take him longer. School took Anderson a bit longer today, but he did ace his college algebra test today! 
  • I managed a 20 minute nap right before church. Church on Wednesday nights is kind of crazy for sure. So, so many kids and they have sat still all day long, so it is just wild! It does make the night go by faster. 
  • Wednesday nights are actually the kids' favorite night of the week. They enjoy it so much, so I try to enjoy it as well. Anderson and Graham went to ChickFilA for a little bit after church. The rest of us picked up pizza.
  • Reagan and Graham had a little bit of school work to do tonight, so that is why we started our show later this evening.

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