September 9, 2023

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  • 6:45 Keaton, 6:45 Campbell, Anderson 6:50 were the wake up times this morning, 7:10 Anderson and Keaton, 7:45 Robby, Campbell, and Reagan were the leave times. Plus Reagan had to leave her house sitting house in time to be here by 7:45 to leave. 
  • I could have left the house at 8:10, but since I had to wake up at 6:45 to make sure that people started getting up, I decided that I might as well leave with Anderson and Keaton. Anderson had to be at Raymar for the first football game by 7:30 so I just stayed in the car with Keaton and read until it was time to set up the concession stand.
  • Soon, Keaton and I were doing the concession stand. It was a busy day-so busy that they sold out of all of the ChickFilA by the middle of the first game. 
  • Robby took the big girls to their first soccer game. Robby said that both girls did very good, and you wouldn't have known that Campbell is too young to officially be on Reagan's team. Their team won 3-0, and I really think that they had a great time.
  • Once back at home, Reagan grabbed a few things and then headed back to our weekend house. She made it there about the same time that the games at Raymar were finished, and Anderson, Keaton, and I headed home.
  • After eating lunch, I made pumpkin muffins. Robby wanted banana bread, but I couldn't find any bananas in the freezer so that will have to be another day. Keaton did make chocolate chip cookies later in the afternoon.
  • I took a nap during quite a bit of the razorback game and even some before it. Robby and Anderson slept on the couch before the game too, and Campbell snoozed during game- I think that we were all a pretty tired bunch.
  • After the Hogs won, Robby and I went to pick up supper-McDonalds for fries and a hamburger for Keaton, Taco Bell for Robby and Campbell, Whataburger for shakes and burgers for Anderson, Graham, and me. Plus Whitman had an air fryer pizza at home.
  • Tonight football is on tv, and Bentley just finished doing some painting. Yep, you read that correctly. Keaton filled a zip lock bag with a canvas and paint and then put peanut butter on top for the dog to lick off. 

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