September 11, 2023

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  • Everyone worked pretty well today-I am not sure why but Whitman did get behind. I was probably busy helping the big boys when he slowed. Anderson worked all day long-5:30 and he was still working.
  • Now Anderson took many breaks during the day plus he works slow, but he just has a lot of work. However, it doesn't seem to bother him too much for which I am thankful. Whitman is a little bit the same way.
  • I had a check up right after lunch, so I did that, and then met Robby and the girls at Sams. Reagan has to bring breakfast for Sunday school this week, so Robby was trying to get an idea of what she can bring. 
  • I picked up the girls and then met Robby at the gas station. Then Keaton went to a store to pick up her birthday gift. We didn't shop long because I was anxious to hurry home and finish spelling with Whitman.
  • There was school work to be one this afternoon plus some chores. I taught Whitman how to use the washing machine-I think that he will need a few more lessons especially after the mac and cheese fiasco last week.
  • I walked Bentley today and even did some clothes cleanout. Graham even asked when we were going to organize his drawers again so maybe that will happen tomorrow. While we were having a fairly slow afternoon, Reagan and Graham were at work. He said he was able to do some things by himself and won't get fired yet. 
  • Tonight I made chicken alfredo for supper. Reagan and Campbell had soccer practice so they ate when they came home. While we waited on supper to warm up, we had a pretty massive pickleball match with even Robby and I played. 
  • Now I am laying on the couch, and some folks are starting to shower. Tomorrow is a busy day, and I think that it is a pretty early day as well.

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