September 2, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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We slept with the slides in last night. It is super cozy when we do this; however, I can't get off the bed at the foot of the bed like usual. This means that I have to crawl over Robby's legs to get down, plus the mattress is just a few inches higher that I can really manage gracefully. And last night Bentley, who has been sleeping with Anderson or Graham, decided to sleep with us. 

Anyway, I did wake up at 4 this morning to go to the bathroom. I tried to not wake up Robby, but I almost killed myself in the process. After managing to get down and then get back in the bed, I was so wide awake that I didn't go back to sleep at all. Nope, not a bit. 

So when Robby started looking at his phone at 5:20, 10 minutes before his alarm was supposed to go off, I was awake. I tried to talk him in to laying there a few more minutes, but he was already up and headed to the bathroom. 

We were fairly quiet as we got ready and loaded the car. It is still just a noisy process. Keaton wanted us to move her to our bed when we got started this morning, so I know that she was awake. I do think that most everyone went back to sleep though because we didn't really hear anyone else for a super long time.

By 6, we were pulling out of the campground and didn't really have any trouble today. We did stop for about 20 minutes-we think they were putting a power line across the interstate. Robby did see miles and miles of fallen trees and broken signs due to the hurricane. (I was possibly shutting my eyes during this time.)

The kids did get out at both Buccees today to get drinks. Plus we had two other gas stops including one where Robby bought hamburgers for those that didn't get chicken sandwiches at Buccees. The boys were able to watch football all day long on the drive. Whitman and Anderson even did a little bit of school work.

Robby was hoping to get in before 10 while I was hoping to get in before 1. We made it a few minutes after 10. The kids helped bring two loads in, and Robby and I worked until 11 trying to unload as much as possible. Everyone has had their showers, and not it is bedtime for this crew!

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