September 6, 2023

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  • I did things differently today because I started working with Anderson and Graham this morning on their Physical Science homework instead of reading to the three littles first thing this morning. We were able to knock out a few things, but I did miss my reading time.
  • Since I didn't work with Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman first thing this morning, they were finished pretty early this morning. When Keaton and Graham went to play pickleball, Whitman wanted to go and play as well.
  • Last night, I made Whitman play pickleball, and he was super sour about the whole ordeal. I ended up fussing at him and sending him in. However, today, they said that he was the pickleball king out there and even beat Keaton and Graham. So I am not sure what changed, but I am glad that something changed with him.
  • After they finished playing, he came back in and finished up a little bit more work. Anderson worked most of the day on his school work-he isn't the speediest and can be a bit distracted doing his work. He is still trying to catch up from our trip, but by Monday I do think things will slow down for him-at least I hope so.
  • I took Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman to Defy for a little bit this afternoon. And this afternoon was also Reagan's first day back at work, and Graham's first day at work! I think that he enjoyed it-he said that he just cropped pictures all day long. I know that he will enjoy getting a paycheck!
  • Tonight was Wednesday night church-Anderson had to be there early for a ref meeting, Graham and Reagan came from work, Campbell and Keaton wanted to get there early just because, so Robby, Whitman, and I went to the library and then grabbed a hamburger on the way to church.
  • After church, Anderson went to eat with some of his friends, while the rest of us came home. Whitman made himself some mac and cheese in the little container-he put it in the microwave...with no water. I was in the kitchen with Graham and the girls when I looked back and saw smoke pouring from the microwave. I wasn't sure where it was coming from at first, but eventually grabbed potholders and got the microwave plate and burning macaroni out the back door. 
  • Smoke was everywhere-it was quite entertaining and quite smelly for a good while in the house!

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