September 26, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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  • Another beach day and oh, so much sand. So, so much sand. I can not imagine how much sand is the campers that are parked right on the sand or even any closer than we are.  But I guess sand all over just means that people are having a great time which we really are.
  • This morning started off slowly with the threat of rain all day. It actually sprinkled off and on this morning, but by 10ish, we were all headed down to the beach. It was overcast most of the day with the sun peeking through just a little bit-well, enough for Campbell to get a little bit more burned.
  • This morning we stayed at the beach until well after 1. The flag was red today, but the waves gradually decreased throughout the day. The kids were out of the water today more than yesterday. 
  • Keaton was playing in the sand today, and it started itching her excema which caused her to go and change out of her bathing suit. When she got back, all the other kids were then playing in the ocean. So eventually she went to change back into her bathing suit to arrive, and the kids had left the water for the sand. This time she did wait them out, and they eventually joined her for some boogie board.
  • We eventually headed back for lunch. Poor Whitman, by noon everyday he is super chaffed and honestly, he is pretty exhausted. That is a lot of activity time and a lot of interaction time for that guy. It is good for him, but we didn't feel too bad about leaving him back at the camper tonight when we went back down to the beach around 4 for the last few hours there.
  • We had our lunch while Keaton was at Rylee's place. Then Campbell headed to the beach with some girls, and much later Robby and I followed.
  • When we arrived this evening, you could look one way and it looked so sunny, but you would then look the other way and it was stormy. It was very interesting. The weather was pretty breezy tonight, but gracious those silly flies were biting the mess out of me. 
  • Tonight when we came back from the beach, Campbell and Keaton went to get their showers. Robby had his shower and threw the laundry into the wash. Then it was supper time-leftover pasta for the girls and air fryer pizzas for the rest of us.
  • When it was time to put the wash in the dryer, we walked down the road and ate some fried oreos that Wes was making. Well, Whitman didn't try one, but the everyone agreed that the regular oreos were better than the yellow oreos when they were fried.
  • Afterwards, we walked back to fold our clothes, then we started making the beds-tomorrow is Keaton's birthday so we did have a little bit of birthday prep to do tonight!

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