September 8, 2023

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  • Since this was college visit at Fayetteville today, Reagan and I had to wake up super early. I believe that my alarm went off at 5:45 and hers went off right behind mine. We got ready, and then she even took the dog on a walk around the block in the dark.
  • We then picked up Alyssa and were at Kennedy's house before 7 this morning. I was going to stay up later last night, but after Reagan turned off her phone and went to sleep, I thought that I might should be a grown up as well.
  • We made it up to U of A despite the rain this morning. Thankfully, it never rained hard on us, but there sure was a lot of lightening. The rain stopped before we neared Fayetteville. I am so glad Jodee was with us because she knew where everything was-we drove right to the parking garage and then walked right to the building where the tour began from. 
  • The president of the college was not there shaking our hands as we came into this tour-I think this was the second of many tours happening today there. First we crammed into a room where a lady went thought a slide show. She was good and informative, but I was struggling to stay awake-maybe I should have turned my phone off earlier last night.
  • Then different students took us on a tour of the campus. Our tour has a triple major and a double minor-Ha! She was really good though. It was just us in our group so we were able to ask quite a few questions. 
  • I could not get a read at all on what the girls, and especially Reagan, thought about it all today. U of A is about 15 times larger than OBU so we have seen two different extremes. 
  • After the tour, we went to eat at Hammond Tree for some delicious grilled cheese. I was starving and would have eaten anything, but the food was really delicious. Once we had eaten, we drove on home-by this time it was nearing 5.
  • Robby went to take care of the dog today that Reagan was house sitting for. The dog was fine so Robby worked and even napped on the couch for a minute. I know that Anderson and Graham did some homework, but other than that the only thing done today was pickleball. Lots and lots of lots of pickleball.
  • As soon as we made it home, Reagan left to her weekend job. Robby and I soon left to go to Costco to pick up some water, dog treats, and most importantly pizza. We ate, and then I did a tiny bit of schoolwork with the boys. Now I am sitting on the couch happily dreaming about what dessert is going to be.

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