September 29, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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After driving about 5 hours last night and stopping in Magee, Mississippi, we only had to drive about 5 more hours this morning. Around 7, Robby drove over to the gas station to fill up, and then we hit the road.

It was a fairly quite drive. Robby and I listened to a podcast most of the time. At one point someone was talking about a phone call, and we heard a beeping sound. We assumed it was on the radio. It happened again at just the right time. Then it happened at not the right time. By this time the beeping had woken up Keaton. 

I grabbed my flashlight since it was still so dark back there and started looking. It was the carbon monoxide/propane monitor. That didn't make me feel good-now, there was a blanket nearby which could have been hanging over it, but we weren't sure.

I hit the reset button while watching Keaton and Bentley closely and while getting a bit paranoid about how I felt. We had this happen in Disney when Whitman was hiding in front of the monitor, and Robby looked up the info on the web and knew that it would reset in 9 or so minutes. I was glad to see the clock go by those 9 minutes without another alarm.

Upon further research, the beeps could be because there was a gas leak (worst scenario), the battery was dying (it doesn't have a battery), or it could be getting old. Seven years is the lifespan that Robby found which means that it is about time for a new one.

Speaking of lifespans-we pulled in the driveway, and Robby went in to work on the dishwasher. Earlier in the week, Anderson said that it wasn't draining. Robby hoped that it was just clogged which is does occasionally get, and he has to clean the filter. 

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case today. He believes that the pump is out so that means a new dishwasher is coming on Monday. That's fun-not really, it is nothing but fun. While Robby dealt with that and caught up on work, I emptied and cleaned that camper. I would empty a section and then clean it-it really isn't that big so each section that I would do was tiny.

Anderson and Graham spent the day at Grannymom and Grandpa's house working on her flowerbeds. They hauled quite a bit of rock-it must have been quite a bit because they worked the whole day long. Reagan went to work without Graham because he stayed to keep working.

After I finished with the camper, the rest of our day has been kind of slow. We have eaten supper, most people have showered, and most people have spent some time in the living room. I finished my book, and now am going to watch a little bit of tv before we all go to bed-tomorrow starts early!

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