September 16, 2023-Happy 12th Birthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • Robby, Keaton, and Campbell headed to Raymar this morning a little before 7:10. The girls didn't have to go so early, but I think they enjoy hanging out there. Robby and I left the house around 8 leaving Whitman, Graham, and Reagan at home.
  • Campbell and Keaton both worked in the concession stand today. There is a lot less games during football which means that there is a lot less time to work in the concession stand and earn hours for camp. 
  • The weather was nice today, and it was busy so the day flew by. We were soon all headed back at home. Pretty much as soon as I came in the house, I went upstairs and helped Graham. We went through his drawers and tried to organize. He tried to stack his shirts so he could still see everyone single one so his drawer isn't really like how I would have neatly stacked things, but we did weed through a few things so surely that helped some.
  • I then crawled into the bed and took myself a little nap. I was thinking that Keaton's party started at 5 so I probably woke up and got started on cleaning and cooking a little bit early. However, I was still scrambling to get everything warm. 
  • Anderson and Reagan have both done a little bit of school work today-Reagan more than Anderson, but I think they are all getting into a routine with their classes. Soon the school work was put away, and Keaton's friends started to arrive.
  • There was a houseful of girls tonight-Evelyn, Annie, Jolee, Kathryn, Sophia, Rylee, and Ella. Keaton had a list of activities for them to do including pickle ball. After a bit of pickle ball playing, it was easy to see that pickle ball is not the sport for most of these girls. They were quite entertaining though.
  • We had taco salad for supper tonight. Then for dessert Keaton wanted strawberry shortcake. When she opened presents, she had quite the assortment, but many of her friends know that she loves candy!
  • Most of her friends headed home at 8, and not it is pretty quite in the house-actually, that isn't exactly true. Robby, Graham, and Anderson keep yelling at the tv. Graham is upstairs so he yells a little bit before the downstairs tv watchers yell.

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