September 19, 2023

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  • Since our last two Tuesdays have been a little too eventful for us, we did some things differently today. If you will remember, two weeks ago on a Tuesday, Reagan and Graham were in the wreck. Last Tuesday, Reagan and Graham had their tire problems also on the way to school. 
  • Robby and I both got completely ready early this morning. We were both ready to go at a moment's notice. Thankfully, we didn't have to leave the house today at all-all of the driver's came home without any problems.
  • Reagan and Graham returned from their Bible study right after Anderson left for his class. I guess I lost track of time and text Reagan to tell her that she needed to leave soon to get to school. She sent me a picture of the door at church-they were already there. Since all of the problems had happened on the a to way school, I was super relieved.
  • So really this Tuesday morning was very uneventful. We did our morning reading, and then Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman started on their school work. It was kind of nice to have a quiet morning. When the boys came in, Graham had school work to do and so did Anderson. Anderson usually has quite a bit of school, but at least today he had a little breather.
  • Reagan came home this afternoon. She went upstairs to do a little bit of her school work, and I believe that she worked or vegged until it was time for her to go to soccer with Campbell. They had fun at soccer and were pretty chatty when they made it home. They have to run laps-Reagan was first, and Campbell was not near the last so they were all pleased. 
  • The rest of us cleaned out the fridge for our supper. Then we went outside for a pickleball tournament. That seems to be the normal thing that happens in the evenings right now. Graham was the champion with Anderson in second place. 
  • When the girls were on the way home, they requested egg in the hole for their suppers-I had already made Anderson 2 and Graham 1 when they came home from school so making 4 more was not too difficult. I am getting good at being a short order cook today. 
  • The girls had their showers, some folks had snacks, and some of us watched tv. It was fairly lazy evening, but I haven't yet gotten to reading my book tonight. 

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