September 5, 2023

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  • This morning Reagan and Graham left early to meet some kids for a Bible study. They left the house at 6:40, so I did wake up briefly around 6:30 to make sure that Graham was awake. He walked down the stairs as I was about to walk up the stairs. 
  • He was awake, and I knew that Reagan was (she is the responsible one), so I just turned around and went back to bed. I then slept until I needed to wake Anderson up. He had to leave for class around 8:20.
  • Reagan and Graham came back around 9 and were home for just a few minutes before they left again. It wasn't long until the phone rang-it was Reagan. 
  • Someone hit her as she was pulling into the church parking lot. She was so close to being there. They had a big truck, and it just smashed that little car. It hit the driver's back door, and glass was all over the backseat. 
  • Thankfully, they were both okay, though they did have headaches later in the day. We haven't received the police report yet, but the policeman did say that the other man was getting a ticket. Hopefully, this means that insurance will turn out in her favor. 
  • One of the sweet ladies from church saw Graham outside and went out to stay with them until Robby and I showed up so that was a good thing. But poor Reagan's prayer request today at the Bible study had been that she would be safe driving and not get into another wreck. 
  • She missed her first class dealing with all of that, but Graham just had study hall so he was fine. Robby and I dropped off the car at Andrews and headed on home. Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman kept working even though we had to jump up and leave the house today. They were able to accomplish most things without me, but there were still a few things I skipped this afternoon since I was running a bit behind due to being gone all morning.
  •  Anderson and Graham were soon home, both chatting about their class. They had their lunch and then started on school work for a bit. It wasn't too long before Anderson left for Raymar to work for a little bit. Robby headed to the story to buy some milk and other things-Campbell tried to make muffins this morning and had forgotten that we were out of milk! She was so disappointed.
  • For supper tonight, we heated up some leftover bbq which most people ate. Reagan did have some sushi that Robby picked up the store. Campbell thought she liked sushi, but she did not like the kind that they had tonight.
  • Pickleball has been happening a lot here lately. There is about to be a pickleball tournament in a few minutes so I better put on my tennis shoes!

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