September 30, 2023

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  • This morning started with me going upstairs to make sure that Anderson, Campbell, and Keaton were awake. Usually the girls are the ones that are awake, and Anderson is not, but today it was opposite. 
  • They left for Raymar at 7:10 or a bit before; then Robby and I left a little bit after 8. Graham, Reagan, and Whitman were all sound asleep. Campbell and Keaton had to help Anderson set everything up this morning since he was the only one there working. I think that they were a decent help since he was set up in plenty of time.
  • We stayed busy with the concession stand this morning. When the games were over, we headed home to watch the end of the Hogs game. I usually sleep during the games helping them to win, but apparently that didn't work today.
  • After the game was over, Anderson and I worked on some math. Everyone had some school work to do this weekend-Whitman and Graham are the only ones who have done all of theirs so far. Everyone did work some tonight on school work. I'm not really sure when the rest will be done, but there is always next week.
  • Around 4, we left with Campbell for her soccer game. It was in Conway, and thankfully the weather was super pleasant especially since most of the game was played after dark. Last week they didn't do that great, but this week the score was 7-1. They scored 6 in the first half, so the second half was kind of slow!
  • Afterwards, we ate at Tacos for Life-Robby told Campbell that we wouldn't have eaten out if they had lost, but I think we might still have eaten out. Then Robby had a 2 dollar gift card to Krispy Kreme so we went there and spent 30 dollars. The kids were excited to see the boxes of Krispy Kreme when we came home, but the doughnuts are sure a lot smaller than we remember.
  • Reagan left a little bit after we did to go to Ouachita to see Tiger Tunes. It is 10:30 now, and I don't expect her home for a good while. She has been busy texting, but I asked if she was enjoying the show, and she said that she was.
  • Robby is picking up the dog toys which means that it is time for bed. Whitman is having a wild streak-he is making crazy sounds and being a bit too loud for the time that it is. Campbell just finished her shower, and the big boys are playing on their xboxes-they are actually as loud as Whitman is right now!

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