September 1, 2023-Back to Disney We Go

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Robby woke up early to get up tickets for Tron this morning, but he did it too well because our group was called at 8:15. At 8:15, would you like to guess how many people were awake in this camper? No one! Except for Robby and I who had set our alarms just in case. Riding Tron one last time wasn't a must do especially since we had already ridden it a few times on this trip.

Keaton and I were on the golf cart doing some looping before noon. We found some pins to trade and some Pokemon cards for Whitman. (He loves Pokemon cards-I'm not sure why, but he will just take his out and look at them all the time at home.)

There was actually quite a bit of golf carting and bike riding this morning and early afternoon. It was a fairly hot morning until the clouds started coming out. It was still warm, but not nearly as warm as it could have been. Around 2, we all headed over to Magic Kingdom.

This trip we have been mainly using the bus-the stop is just as close as the boat, it is quicker, and it is air conditioned. I still prefer the boat because it is much prettier, but sometimes speed is a good thing too. Today was a Halloween party day at Magic Kingdom so the crowds were much less.

We were able to ride Buzz, Space Mountain, and then stopped for a snack-a slushy drink and a pepperjack pretzel. Next up was Seven Dwarfs followed by watching the Country Bear Jamboree. The Country Bear Jamboree is something that you definitely have to see once-not even once a trip, but more like a once a decade.

Then Robby, Reagan, and Campbell rode Thunder Mountain before we all went to Sleepy Hollow for a chicken and waffle snack. Then the boys and Keaton headed back to the camper while Reagan, Campbell, Robby, and I went to ride Pirates one last time.

This afternoon Reagan took a quiz, the boys played the xbox, Keaton did some scavenger hunting, and I'm not really sure what Campbell did. She usually reads the blog so she will tell me what she did do this afternoon. 

It did start raining as we were coming back from Magic, and drizzled most of the afternoon. Our plan was to go to Epcot around 7, but we were in no hurry because of the rain. Robby heated up our supper-bbq sandwiches and mashed potatoes. 

We arrived at Epcot around 8, and Keaton tried to buy a baguette in France, but they were all out. So we headed to ride Remy. The line was long so the park was closed by the time that we left, but thankfully Reagan was able to get her Joffery coffee right outside of the park. 

Robby has spent the last hour getting things ready to leave early in the morning. The kids have grabbed some drinks from the front and some have taken showers, and now most people are in their beds. 

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