September 12, 2023-Happy 18th Birthday Reagan!

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  • Well, this was another Tuesday! I think that this birthday Tuesday started off well for Reagan since we heard her sisters wishing her Happy Birthday at midnight last night. Then she and Graham headed off to Bible study this morning.
  • Before they came home, Anderson left for school. Then Reagan and Graham came home for a bit before leaving for their classes.
  • And then, the phone rang! I love talking to Reagan but I don't ever want to see her name on my phone. Today is was car problems. She initially thought it was a flat tire, but she said she really had to press on the brake to stop, had a hard time turning, and heard a noise.
  • Robby and I jumped in the car just like last week. We picked them up and dropped them off at school. Then we came back and picked up the car. 
  • She had parked off the street when it happened, but Robby had moved it to the gas station before taking them to school. So when we picked it up, we just went ahead and took it to the mechanic man. Robby couldn't really tell anything was wrong, though he did heard a noise. He didn't want to slam on the brakes to test things out since the roads were wet.
  • Anyway, just like that we are not down to two cars for the next few days. Reagan is pretty stressed right now with school and college choices, and none of this the last few days has helped at all. 
  • Anderson had planned on painting the parking lot today, but the rain made him delay his plans. And actually, that worked better for the car switcheroo. He came home the same time with Graham. 
  • The rest of us had lunch, and then we went to Defy for a few minutes before picking up Reagan when her last class was over. On the way back home, we stopped at Starbucks for a birthday drink for Reagan, and then Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman ran in the gas station for a drink for themselves.
  • I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the boys' clothes in the attic. Anderson and Graham don't really have anything in the attic that they can wear like the kids did when they were little. However, I have saved all of their clothes for Whitman.
  • So those bins had been a bit crazy with just all boys clothes thrown in bins together. So today, I sorted everything into different sizes, got rid of a few things, put some things in a bag to give to a friend, and found a few things for Whitman this winter. It was one of those tasks that no one will ever know that I did it, but it will make things easier for me-at least I hope that it will.
  • For supper we had orange chicken, and then celebrated Reagan's birthday with Menchies for everyone. She did let me put candles in her ice cream, but all of the kids were adamant that I not light them. So there were no lit candles and no singing (but she did get both of things at Grannymom's house on Sunday.)
  • Once back at home, the house was fairly noisy until everyone settled down. Keaton is working on her school work, Whitman is making a pokemon card, Campbell is on her phone, Anderson and Graham are on their xboxes, and Reagan is probably also doing home work or Bible study. 

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