September 22, 2023-Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • We started this morning off differently than usual. We were all leaving the house this morning by 9-and it wasn't for anything fun for Robby's birthday, instead we were all getting our flu shots. 
  • We did stop by ChickFilA on the way there. All of the people with phones had one or even two breakfast sandwiches for free. They were all expiring in the next few days so we went in and racked up. I think that we walked out with 10 sandwiches. Of course this was using 6 different phones, but this was good because Keaton was able to get one (Whitman didn't want one), plus there were even two leftover for later.
  • The next stop was flu shots for all of us. Tony was able to set us up so we weren't in the store long. Reagan did convince her dad to buy some cherry coke for this week, and Anderson didn't want to be left out so he also got himself a drink for this next week.
  • Then we split up-Robby, Whitman, and Anderson went to get a few hair cuts. Graham probably needs a slight one too, but he wanted to wait. Whitman really didn't need one, but since we were there. Everyone else went with me to go and have Reagan's new watch resized. 
  • Then it was back home for us all. Graham and Anderson had a little bit of school work to do...actually, they both still have a little bit of school work to do, but they did do some before Graham left for work.
  • During the afternoon, I made pumpkin muffins and fetticini alfredo for this next week. Though I have had to hide the muffins or the boys will eat them all. There was lots of packing, some pickleballing, and I even found time for a very short nap before Reagan and Graham came home. 
  • Tonight we all went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate Robby's birthday. Everyone was in a good mood, and dinner was quite lively. Our food was good, but there was still a good bit to bring home which Reagan will eat later this week.
  • We also stopped and claimed Robby's free birthday coffee on the way home. Actually, Reagan claimed Robby's free birthday coffee. When we came home, before the kids' pickleball game began, Robby measured everyone.
  • Basically, Reagan, Anderson, and Campbell have stopped growing. Reagan is at peace with this, but the others were not so much ok! Maybe they will grow a little bit more!

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