September 23, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach

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Keaton and Campbell were the first ones awake this morning. The girls have been after us to let Bentley spend the night in their room, so she did. To hear the girls tell the story, Bentley didn't sleep until 3 this morning. I am not sure how accurate all of this is, but I do know that the girls and Bentley will all sleep well tonight.

Anderson was the next one awake. When the big boys went to bed last night I told Anderson to help Graham remember to wear his retainers, and I told Graham to help Anderson wake up in the mornings. I was here today, but thankfully Anderson didn't need any help and was sitting up in bed when I went to make sure that he was awake.

I folded two loads of laundry and emptied the dishwasher first thing this morning. Then I had a laundry basket full of things to shove in the camper before we left. Anderson and the little girls left around 7 to go to Raymar, and Whitman, Robby, and I were not too far behind them.

We did have to stop at the library on the way. That was pool planning on my part. The kids could have done it this week, but we were able to save them a trip. It was 8 so there weren't many people out so Robby just stopped on the curb since we were in the camper. Then I ran to the book thing to grab our books. (I had already packed 3 for this trip, but for some reason I have super slowed down on reading lately. It is like I just can't concentrate to read.)

We all did our Raymar thing. Campbell and Keaton like going early with Anderson so they can help set things up. They also get all of the concession stand things ready and were selling things by the time that we showed up.

Anderson reffed two games today, and it was super warm in the sun. The weather was pleasant and shady in the concession stand. Whenever Anderson would come in, he would be dripping wet with sweat, and I would usually holler at him to drink some water when ever he did walk in.

This was the first football game this year that Whitman has been to. He enjoyed playing with the fan today, but he also helped some in the concession stand. We thought that he might be a bit sour about having to wake up early and come, but he didn't mind at all.

Robby took the suburban to fill it up with gas during the games. He wanted to make sure that it had plenty of gas for all of the running around the kids will do this week. Poor Anderson will even have to drive the white van some this week when him and Reagan have to be at two different places. He will do fine doing that though.

He did pick me up in the gator today since Robby parked at the building nearby Raymar since we were in the camper. We had a fairly long walk, but seriously, the gator is a bit scary to me. I made sure to hold on so I didn't fall out and to hold on to Whitman so he didn't fall out.

After the games, we got on the road. We stopped twice today for gas before finally stopping at our evening spot. Robby and I listened to a podcast a good bit of the way. Keaton and Campbell both had naps, and I struggled keeping my eyes open as well. 

I did talk to the home kids a little bit. Anderson and Reagan did some school work today, and we know that both boys did a lot of football watching. We left from Raymar today so we could get some place so Robby could see the rest of the Hog football game. I'm not sure if we are ahead or behind right now, but as of right now in the game it has been decent. 

Robby picked up lunch when he was getting gas before we left Little Rock. The pizza he got was our lunch in Pine Bluff, but then tonight we switched our supper plan and just had the leftover pizza. Keaton did have a sandwich, and I had a bagel since the others ate all of the pizza.  

This is early to call it a night for a boondocking night. However, we have eaten and the game is on. I might try to read some of my book as well.

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