September 27, 2023-Mostly Camping on the Beach and Happy 12th Birthday Keaton!

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I quietly hung a birthday sign this morning for Keaton. I'm not sure if she saw it when she did wake up, but soon after she did wake up we started baking her birthday breakfast of chocolate croissants. They were very good and would have been so much better if we weren't having to make them in the camper stove. (It cooks a little hot and uneven-so we have to adjust times and temperatures, plus use a baking stone, 2 cookie sheets, and lots of aluminum foil).

We took her birthday candle picture with the first batch, but she noticed when looking at my pictures that here eyes were pretty closed since she had just woken up, she we took the candle picture again. This time she had less squinty eyes.

This morning was stormy looking, but it never rained more than a few sprinkles. Most everyone was going out shopping today, and we did as well. First though, we had to move the camper. To come this week, we had to get two different sites, and today was moving day.

I think that our first site was better-it was much further from the beach which is a drawback, but it had lots of shade and a pretty decent amount of space. We didn't have any problems moving sites. Campbell and Whitman rode their bikes to the new spot, but Keaton went shopping with Traci and her crew this morning. (They had doughnuts, and Keaton even bought a shirt.)

While they were out shopping, we went to Publix and then Walmart. We first found a cake for Keaton along with some Reeces to put on the cake. We also found quite a few packages of Oreos for all of our allergy buddies. And finally, we bought some sunscreen because we were completely out. I thought that I had brought plenty, but I was mistaken.

We came back for a bit. Keaton was home soon, so we continued her birthday celebration with lunch out at ChickFilA. Our meal was good, and we soon came back to the campground. By this time the sun was out, and we headed to the beach.

It was probably 2 or 3-Keaton and Campbell actually went before Robby, Whitman, and I did. They then joined the other girls and walked to the Hobbs place. They eventually showed back up. Whitman spent most of the afternoon and evening in the water. He loves the waves! Almost as much at Campbell. 

He did get stung pretty early today, and I thought that it was going to bother him. But he soldiered on-I guess it didn't really hurt too badly. They played in the water as long as possible. We were the last ones from our group on the beach tonight. 

Everyone else had left to work on their suppers, but we were having an easy supper-orange chicken. We made that while the laundry was washing. We sat outside because at 8 tonight, all of our buddies came to have cake, oreos, and even brownies made by Abigail for dessert. 

We sang Happy Birthday to Keaton and then everyone just sat around and talked until quite hours at 10. Sophia is spending the night with us tonight so that meant that Campbell had to give up her spot. She was not happy, but Whitman didn't mind since he was able to sleep on the couch which he likes. 

I better end this blog here since I hear that I am going to see the sunrise in the morning with the girls!

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