September 13, 2023

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  • This morning I was awake before my alarm clock. I still laid in bed until well after my alarm clock, but Graham sure didn't. He was awake, showered, and working on school before I even left my bed this morning.
  • I soon started my reading with Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman. I did have to work kind of hard to get Anderson up this morning, but once he was up, he did get things done (not everything, but we are getting there.)
  • Reagan didn't get much work done today since she went to coffee with someone from Rock Creek. I didn't think that she was gone too long, but she said it was over an hour-I guess that I was pretty busy the whole morning long.
  • Anderson had to take Graham and Reagan to work today since he was also leaving the house at the same time. Anderson went to Raymar to paint the fields and and parking lot lines. We were afraid that it might take him a long while to do all of this, but he knocked those lines out.
  • Whitman was the last to finish this morning, but he was fine with that since I gave him a long break while I was trying to finish up the other people. 
  • After lunch, Robby, Campbell and Keaton ran to the store for a few things. While they were gone, I walked the dog, watched Whitman vacuum, and put out some fall decor. I was feeling fairly Martha Stewart-ish by the time that the others came home. 
  • Anderson showed back up, and soon I was leaving to pick up Graham and Reagan from work. Reagan was home for about 10 minutes before she left again to go to church-tonight was the first night of the Dgroup that she is leading. 
  • Soon the rest of us were going to church by the way of the library. Robby left church early to do a few mystery shops-we haven't done mystery shops in quite a long time, but tonight they provided supper for us. (Though one of the pizzas that Robby had to buy was a spicy one which I was not a fan of.)
  • After supper, there was a bit of homework happening, but we still had time for some tv before bed. 

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